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Bat Trunk – Elementary School

Contains posters, books, models (a real stuffed bat skin!), fun fact cards, interactive learning games and activities, a video, slides with accompanying audio tapes, and a notebook with information on anatomy, evolution, echolocation, life cycle, social behavior, and more, with overheads and figures. This kit includes: Educator’s Activity Book About… read more

Blood Pressure Cuffs & Stethoscopes

A set of six blood pressure cuffs and six stethoscopes. This kit includes: 6 Blood Pressure Cuffs 6 Stethoscopes

Building Blocks of Life – Middle/High School

Students use Lego® pieces to illustrate the lock-and-key model of enzymes and how mutations can affect the shape of the enzyme. Kit corresponds to CIBT’s Building Blocks of Life lab. This kit includes: 24 bags with Lego® pieces. Each bag contains (see diagrams below): 1 – 1×1 piece 4 – 2×1… read more

Case of the Missing Diamond Maker – Elementary/Middle School **

**IMPORTANT: ONLY TEACHERS WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINED IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ‘CASE OF THE MISSING DIAMOND MAKER‘ LAB CAN BORROW THIS KIT. A fun forensics kit for Elementary grades! A machine that turns coal into diamonds in less than an hour has been stolen from the lab of Dr. Suzy… read more

Cell Model Kit

These foam models consist of colorful, 3D removable parts that can be manipulated by the teacher or students while studying cell structure. An extensive Teacher Guide is included. This kit includes: 1 Virus model 1 Virus model guide 1 Animal Cell model 1 Animal Cell guide 1 Plant Cell model… read more

Comparative Skulls **

**IMPORTANT: ONLY TEACHERS WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINED IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ‘COMPARATIVE SKULLS‘ LAB CAN BORROW THIS KIT. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING THE SKULLS! We collaborated with a local teacher in Ithaca to bring you the Comparative Skulls kit. The lab that goes with the kit is customized… read more

Compound Microscopes – Elementary/Middle School

Includes two Parco EPS Series Intermediate Compound Microscopes, suitable for use in elementary or middle school classrooms. For high school students, please see our “Compound Microscopes – High School” listing. Each kit contains: 2 microscopes, each with 4X, 10X and 20X objectives 1 box plastic slides 1 box plastic slide covers 1… read more

Compound Microscopes – High School

Includes four Parco LTM-300 Series microscopes. Each has 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives, as well as a 10x monocular eye piece. These microscopes are offered for High School students only. For younger students, see our “Compound Microscopes – Elementary/Middle School” listing. Each kit contains: 4 microscopes 4 plastic protective covers 4… read more

Crime Scene Kit

Set up a realistic “crime scene” in your classroom using some of the same equipment that professionals use in the field. The kit provides enough materials to set four crime scenes, and four sets of investigative supplies for student groups. This kit includes: 8 black clipboards 4 plastic shoeboxes with… read more

Dichotomous Key: Marine Mollusks

Provides the necessary materials to implement CIBT’s brand new Mollusk Dichotomous Key Lab! Students are introduced to the concept of a dichotomous key through the use of preliminary activities modeled by the teacher. They then learn about the ecology and biology of selected marine mollusks, before putting their dichotomous key-reading… read more

Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model and Full Body X-Rays

This kit offers a fully disarticulated human skeleton (except for the hand and foot, which are preassembled). We have added a set of 18 true-to-life human x-rays which can be arranged to create a 1.5 m tall (5 feet) human skeleton. The kit includes: Human bone replicas Human x-ray slides… read more

DNA Electrophoresis – High School **

**IMPORTANT: ONLY TEACHERS WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINED IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ‘DNA PROFILING LAB‘ CAN BORROW THIS KIT. In this lab, students perform DNA electrophoresis and examine gels for a mother, baby and possible fathers to determine correct paternity. Kit contains gel boxes, power supplies, dry heat bath, micropipettes, latex… read more

DNA Electrophoresis "Kit C" (NOT A FULL DNA KIT) – High School

IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A STAND-ALONE DNA KIT. IT PROVIDES EXTRA SUPPLIES FOR TEACHERS WITH CLASSES BIGGER THAN 16-20 STUDENTS, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO IMPLEMENT CIBT’S DNA PROFILING LAB. This addendum to our DNA Electrophoresis kit contains extra supplies to accommodate additional students for the electrophoresis lab. The kit includes:… read more


Contains DNA electrophoresis expendables sufficient for 16 students. DNA ELECTROPHORESIS KITS MUST BE REQUESTED SEPARATELY. Note that the stain and plasmids have recently been changed. Please read the instructions carefully, especially if you haven’t attended a recent CIBT workshop. Shipped overnight via FedEx on dry ice–KEEP FROZEN! Expendables kit contains:… read more

DNA Molecule Model

This kit enables students to discover the structure of a DNA molecule by putting together 24 magnetic, preassembled nucleotides following the correct base pairing. Joining the nucleotides helps students feel the strength of the hydrogen bonds, view the double helix nature of the resulting molecule, and recognize different chemical compounds… read more

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