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Thanks to  previous support from the Cornell University Biotechnology Program, CIBT has over 30 kits and models that have been developed for use in classrooms. Teachers who have participated in our summer institutes and in regional workshops can borrow kits ! Due to the loss of this funding, schools must now pay for shipping costs. The kits are shipped from our Ithaca location to the school and back. Local teachers are encouraged to contact us for pickup before or after school.

Check out this printable Lending Library Booklet for a quick and easy reference guide to all of our borrowing materials. (Remember to reserve materials through the online system—this booklet contains NO LINKS.)

  • Only active CIBT alumni may request kits via the online system. Active alumni are alumni that have participated in a CIBT workshop or Return to Campus event within the last three years. Other teachers interested in borrowing kits should email
  • All kits must be reserved at least two weeks in advance of when you will need them.
  • You need to have specific training to borrow the Case of the Missing Diamond Maker, Comparative Animal Skulls, Mystery of the Hominid Skulls, DNA Electrophoresis, and Protein Gel Electrophoresis kits.
  • You can reserve multiple kits, but each individual kit must be reserved separately.
  • You are taking responsibility for the contents of the kits. Failure to return the kit in good condition, late, or without a survey may result in loss of privileges.
  • You must fill out the survey and packing lists included with the kits.