About CIBT

What is CIBT?

The Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers was created in 1989 to support high school biology teachers with workshops that introduced them to new content, hands-on field tested lab activities and access to expensive molecular biology equipment and models. CIBT was the creation of Dr. Rita Calvo, a senior lecturer in genetics at Cornell and Dr. Peter Bruns, the Director of the Division of Biological Sciences. They worked with master teachers from New York State to identify the challenges facing biology teachers in the late 80’s and 90’s. Since 1994, the Institute has expanded to include middle level and elementary science materials.

What does CIBT offer to teachers?

  • A network of other teaching professionals who are ready, willing, and able to share information about biology
  • Help teachers bring cutting edge research and technology into my classroom to inspire the next generation of scientists.
  • CIBT creates a unique outreach and professional development experience that is unlike any other
  • Source of engaging hands-on labs and activities

Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes for teachers are held each year on the Ithaca campus. The intensive institutes provide teachers with current information in modern biology, experience with CIBT lab and classroom activities, access to Cornell scientists and science facilities, and the opportunity to interact with fellow teachers.

Return to Campus Events

Teacher alumni of CIBT summer programs are invited to return to Ithaca in the fall and spring for one-day workshops that consist of faculty lectures and hands-on lab sessions. Teachers who have developed classrooms materials are invited to share them during a workshop session. The day concludes with a lab equipment and supply give-away.

Workshop for New and Pre-Service Teachers

This annual workshop held over the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is specifically designed for new teachers K-12 (generally pre-tenure) and pre-service teachers (students enrolled in a college or university program leading to certification in secondary education). This workshop introduces teachers to CIBT labs that require minimal preparation and to other Cornell outreach groups.

Cornell Visits

A limited number of opportunities are available for teachers to bring their classes to Cornell for a day of science activities. CIBT works closely with other outreach groups to provide a number of activities for student visits.

Equipment Lending Library

Thanks to funding from New York State, CIBT is able to provide alumni teachers with equipment, models and other kits. The Lending Library includes 25 different kits and 12 different models.

Lab Development

Teachers interested in working with a Cornell scientist to develop new classroom materials are encouraged to contact us.