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We are very sad to report that we will not be able to offer teacher workshops this summer for teachers new to CIBT.  Our funding from all sources has ended and we are currently looking for new benefactors and donors.  

We will be having a Spring Return to Campus this spring- Stay tuned for the date!

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Workshops & Events

We will be offering a teacher workshop on January 13, 2018 with a focus on helping teachers with the information and materials to get ready for the new standards. Our workshop for Middle and High School new and pre-service teachers will offer a general session on modeling & the new standards and 3 hands-on sessions with current labs.

We are especially excited about our Building Thoughtful Models session. The way models are being used in instruction has started to change. Traditionally, students have been given a model as the springboard to a lesson. With the new standards, however, students will now be presented with an experience, or a phenomenon and with minimal teacher input will be asked to construct their own models to convey their understanding of the topic at hand. But how do you make sure that the students’ models follow in the right direction so that you can have a meaningful discussion using these? In this session, some of our most experienced and innovative teachers will demonstrate how you can make this happen in your classroom through the use of key questions and student feedback.

Help us spread the word! Attached is the flyer with the description of all the activities and schedule for the day. Participating teachers choose which sessions they want to attend, and then we reconvene at the end of the day for a How to Survive the First Few Years round table.

The link to registration is here:

CIBT New and Preservice Teacher Workshop 2018

For more information about the day’s activities and schedule click here: 2018 NPS flyer-2crgnod

Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

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Teacher Testimonials

World of Crickets

I used the World of Crickets labs to reinforce the steps of the scientific method, graphing, and to introduce topics for Science Fair projects. The lab worked great; students absolutely loved it—all were engaged the entire time.

Mollusk Dichotomous Key

The Mollusk Dichotomous Key lab is scaffolded perfectly. The activities build upon each other and take kids from simple concepts like observing pasta, to the complex skill of being able to create a key for unfamiliar mollusks. We also really loved learning about bivalves and gastropods and it lead to a good deal of fun discovery. --Kristy McElhinny

What teachers are saying...

CIBT allows me to bring cutting edge research and technology into my classroom to inspire the next generation of scientists. I love CIBT! Thank you for everything you do to inspire teachers and students!

CIBT is so special! I now have access to a wonderful group of people, a library of materials and lessons that I use with hundreds of children. Those lessons, kits, and materials are the favorite of our primary and elementary students, and are requested each year as a part of Science Adventure Day!

Throughout the years of my teaching these workshops have been the most inspirational experiences I have had.

CIBT has been an invaluable resource for me as a new teacher in an extremely diverse population of students. Over 85% of my students are classified as emotionally disturbed and often have a difficult time sitting through mundane lessons without behaviors becoming an issue. The kits supplied by CIBT have bolstered my occasionally boring curriculum and engaged my visual/tactile learners with great models and activities. --Maura Egan-Martin