Cornell Fitness Centers Add Virtual Classes – No membership required

Cornell Fitness Centers  will begin to offer LIVE virtual fitness classes via ZOOM on Monday, March 23rd.

Please view the virtual classes link on the CFC webpage for class dates, times, and helpful information. Check the virtual classes link frequently, as classes will be added daily to create a comprehensive schedule. Can’t join LIVE? Don’t worry, you will be able to access the virtual classes through Cornell Video On Demand. Links to recorded classes will be posted to the CFC website as they become available.

These classes are open to the entire Cornell Community, no membership required.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) continue to monitor a novel strain of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China. On Feb. 11, 2020 the World Health Organization announced an official name for the disease that is causing the novel coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19.

Cornell officials are proactively working with local and state public health organizations to monitor this concern and to protect the health and well-being of the Cornell community.   They have established a resource page that will continue to be updated as new or relevant information emerges.

COVID-19 Resource Page:



Eat Right for Life – Wellness Program

In recognition of National Nutrition Month ® Cornell Wellness is happy to provide our “Eat Right for Life” Campaign. These two weeks will be jampacked with information on how you can develop knowledge, tools, plus the skills necessary to maintain and sustain healthy eating patterns for the rest of your life. Check out the weekly highlights below:

Week 1 (03/09-03/15)– Come interact with the Cornell Wellness staff at 1 of 5 tabling events throughout this week (times and locations listed below). Answer a pop quiz question about nutrition to win a prize right there on the spot and also be entered to also win prizes at the end of the month. Not on campus? Visit the Cornell Wellness Facebook Page and answer the pop quiz question via Facebook live. Answer the question along with your netID and earn you chance to win a prize at the end of the month.

  • Monday 03/09- Helen Newman Hall, 11:30am-1:00pm
  • Tuesday 03/10- Teagle Hall, 11:30am-1:00pm
  • Wednesday 03/11- Vet College, 11:30am-1:00pm. Wear Green in recognition of National Registered Dietitian Nutrition(RDN) Day, take a picture and post it to the Cornell Wellness Facebook page with #CornellWellnessEatRight4Life.
  • Thursday 03/12- Trillium Dining Hall, 11:30am-1pm
  • Friday 03/13- East Hill Office Building 11:30am-1pm

Also, follow us on Instagram @cornellwellness as well as Facebook to learn about the 5 food groups and how they can benefit you.

Week 2(03/16-03/20)– On the final week of “Eat Right for Life” we will be providing live workshops and lectures through Zoom (dates and times listed below). Participation in these workshops will earn you a chance to win a prize at the end of the month.

  • Monday, March 16, Release of Keri Johnson’s Plant Based Nutrition Workshop on the Cornell Wellness website.
  • Wednesday, March 18, 12:00-12:30pm, Jeremy Stewart’s What’s the Best Diet Workshop. Registration available.
  • Friday, March 20, 12:00-12:30pm, Jeremy Stewart’s How to Read A Nutrition Label Workshop. Registration available.

For more information on how you can participate in the Eat Right for Life Campaign, contact Jeremy Stewart.

Spring CHEER Events – Save the dates!



February 27, 11:00 – 12:00, HMRU – Erica Bender, Human Metabolic Research Unit Talk and Tour

March 29, 2:00 – 3:00, HEB T01 – Tashara Leak, “Designing a community based research program for culturally diverse obese adolescents diagnosed with pre-diabetes”

April 1, 12:00 – 1:00, The Commons – CHEER Picnic at the Beach

For more information about CHEER:


Welcome and Goodbye

Please join us in welcoming the following new staff to the College of Human Ecology:

Yiqin Wang, Postdoctoral Associate:  Yiqin joined DNS as a Postdoctoral Associate after completing his PhD in Molecular Nutrition in DNS.

Timothy Srye, Research Aide II: Timothy joined the BCTR as a temporary employee after completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Brockport.  He has now a full time Research Aide.

Elizabeth Martinez, Research Aide: Elizabeth has joined the BCTR as a part time Research Aide and will be finishing her MSW at the University of Rochester this spring.

Jesus Cruz Garza, Postdoctoral Associate: Jesus graduated from the University of Houston in 2019 with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and joined DEA in January, 2020 as a Postdoctoral Associate.

Wishing the best of luck to these employees who have left the College:

Kathleen Johnston, AAD

Mim Marwan, CUCE-NYC

Thomas Hoe, PAM

Stephen D’Angelo – Communications

Employee Spotlight – Molly Berwald

Contributed by Tamara Palms

Molly Berwald is a communications specialist and special projects coordinator in the Division of Nutrition Sciences. She has been an employee at Cornell for a total of 18 years. Prior to joining the Division of Nutrition Sciences, she served in positions for the Office for the Vice President of University Relations, the President’s office, and the Provost’s Office. She began her position in DNS in 2008, and has never looked back.

Molly has played a key role in many projects supporting the Division’s External Advisory Board and organizing bi-annual meetings, supporting the Division’s External Review, supporting and organizing the annual WHO Cochrane Cornell Summer Institute for Global Policy Making and working on the Division’s website. One project that Molly is particularly proud of is developing the DNS Help Desk, where anyone can bring questions ranging from asking about faculty research to ask where’s the best place to grab a burger in Ithaca. One thing is for certain, Molly has brought her passion for event planning and her excellent customer service skills to her position.

Outside of Cornell, Molly enjoys spending time with her family whether it is playing video games with her son, hiking with her 2 dogs, or spending time with her family.

Employee Spotlight – Shelly Hall

Photo of Shelly Hall and her partner


Shelly Hall is the Contracts and Grants Coordinator in Policy Analysis and Management (PAM).  Prior to joining PAM a little over a year ago, Shelly was a Pre-Award Specialist at Cornell Engineering.  Her career at Cornell began in 2000, when she accepted a temporary opportunity in the CALS Deans Office and, what was previously called, CALS Financial Affairs.  Her career has taken her from CALS to the Hotel School, ILR, Engineering, and now CHE.  Reflecting on her experience thus far at CHE, Shelly particularly notes the sense of community in the college, and the culture of giving back.  Her work in contracts and grants is particularly rewarding to her as she feels like she is helping the faculty and students make a difference in the world.

In her “spare” time, Shelly is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications here at Cornell.  She has truly enjoyed the variety of coursework from a course on Social Inequality, to a class on Evolution of the Earth and Life (think fossils).  She is also actively involved in the Finance Mentor Program at Cornell.  This program has given her the opportunity to meet with and learn from a wide variety of people. Shelly and her partner, Dustin, love the outdoors – hiking, exploring, and taking in a winery or two.

Green Team Updates

The CHE Green Ambassadors have some exciting events coming up this Spring.  Please look out for posters and/or announcement regarding dates and locations.

In January, we’re hoping to have a talk on “Why Should I Consider and Electronic Vehicle?”  In February, we’ll do “CHE’s Got Sole,” where you can recycle your old socks and shoes.  March will be our annual “Upcycle Exhibit” in the FSAD Gallery and in April we’re planning an “In Case you Missed it” CHE E-Waste Event.

If you have any ideas or questions related to sustainability, please email

Check out a new learning opportunity – Gigs!

So exactly what is a Gig?  Gigs are typically short-term experiences or project-based opportunities that promote skill sharing or development, leadership development and connection with others.

Where can I find the Gigs?  Gigs are posted in Workday via the Talent Marketplace icon on the homepage

There are several different types of gigs, including:  


Short-term assignments aimed at providing staff members the ability to share their skills, gain a new experience or skill and better understand other areas/processes of the organization while expanding relationships with other employees.


Spend time working with another staff member to gain a greater understanding of their role and expertise. If you’re interested in moving into a different career area, this is an effective way to learn what you’ll need to know, and see firsthand if it might be a good fit.


Is there a particular area, Cornell event or opportunity of interest to you? For example, perhaps helping out at an undergraduate career fair, leading botanical garden tours or serving on a Title IX hearing panel.

Gig is an excellent way to gain practical experience, invest in your career, and demonstrate your skills and abilities. A Gig can open doors to new career opportunities, and make your current work more enjoyable.

For supervisors Gigs can be beneficial in the following ways:

SKILLS: Participants share their skills and gain new skills that can benefit your team.

FLEXIBILITY: Increase staffing levels during peak times or for special projects.

EFFICIENCY: Tap into an already proven university talent pool.

STRATEGIC: Develop current staff to meet future department goals.

ENGAGEMENT: Provide job variety for staff to increase engagement and productivity.

REWARD: Recognize valued staff by supporting their career development ambitions.

NETWORK: Build bridges and connect with staff in other departments to create and reinforce relationships across the University.

For more information go to: