Kate Dickin

Kate DickinI conduct translational research to enhance the effectiveness of community-based programs for improving nutritional status and reducing health disparities in the US and globally. These include interventions promoting healthy food and activity practices, responsive child feeding, food insecurity, micronutrient supplementation, and community engagement in nutrition action.  A central focus is the interface between programs and communities, to identify contextual factors that influence motivation, self-efficacy, and capabilities of both providers and participants and to enhance utilization and effectiveness of interventions for low-income families.

Contact kld12@cornell.edu
Education B.A.Sc., Child Studies, University of Guelph
MS Human Nutrition, Cornell University
PhD Human Nutrition, Cornell University

Cornell Cooperative Extension, USA

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

IMA World Health, UK

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Tanzania

Nutrition International, Canada

National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USA
Tanzanian Food and Nutrition Centre

University of Nairobi, Kenya

University of Rhode Island, USA
World Hunger Education Service


Maternal and Child Nutrition • Antenatal Care • Micronutrient malnutrition • Health Inequalities • Parenting • Food Insecurity • Community-based Health Workers • Nutrition Interventions


Formative, evaluation, and implementation research
Qualitative interviews and focus group discussions
Survey research
Systematic reviews
Trials of improved practices