Doctoral Program Alumni

Name Dissertation Title
Avril Armstrong Cost-effectiveness evaluation of a Sprinkles (home fortification) intervention in Kyrgystan
Rukundo Kambarami Benedict Community health worker performance in rural Zimbabwe: Perspectives, drivers, and opportunities for intervention
Sarah Dumas Evaluating the impact of poultry interventions on maternal and child nutrition outcomes in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia
Rebecca Heidkamp Evaluation of an infant feeding support strategy for HIV-affected infants 6-12 months of age
Sunny Kim Critical assessment of the sustainability of community-based programs to improve child nutrition in Peru
Jacqueline Kung’u Nutrition and infection in Zanzibari children
Stephanie Martin Social support and adherence to antenatal micronutrient supplements
Cynthia Matare Improving uptake and utilization of nutrition interventions: A caregiver capabilities perspective
Francis Ngure Environmental hygiene, food safety and growth of less than five year old children in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia
(Lanre) Moshood O. Omotayo Integrating strategies for prevention of preeclampsia and anemia in pregnancy into primary healthcare delivery in Kenya
Helena Pachon Development of meat-containing infant porridges to prevent iron deficiency
Erica Philips Implementation of antenatal care: Global history, current challenges and quality of care provision in Haiti
Rahul Rawat Iron status, anemia, and inflammation in HIV-infected Zimbabwean postpartum women and their babies.
Laura Smith Evaluation of food-chain mycotoxin exposure in rural Zimbabwe: Determinants, effects and mechanisms
Keriann (Paul) Uesugi Design of behavior change interventions to improve complementary feeding of African infants
Amanda Zongrone Behavior change intervention research in infant and young child feeding: understanding caregiver capabilities, self-efficacy, and the critical decisions that define infant feeding trajectories in Bangladesh