Research Projects

CENTIR Group is engaged in various research projects in the United States and internationally. Learn more about our current and completed projects at the links below: 

The ASTUTE Project: Addressing Stunting in Tanzania Early (current)

Building Strong Nutrition SystemsImplementation science in support of scaling up nutrition in Tanzania (completed)

Child Feeding Practices in New York State: Remembering Childhood Food Insecurity & Influences on Parents’ Current Feeding Practices (completed)

Healthy Children, Healthy Families: Parents making a difference! (current)

MICa Prenatal Calcium Supplementation: Implementation research on prenatal micronutrient supplementation to prevent preeclampsia and anemia in Ethiopia and Kenya (completed)

Mycotoxins research (current):

One Health for Babies & LivestockPreventing Fecal Exposure and Environmental Enteropathy in rural Zambia (completed)

SHINE Trial: The Sanitation, Hygiene and Infant Nutrition Efficacy (SHINE) Trial in rural Zimbabwe (current)

Small Scale Egg Production: Assessing the effect of sustainable small-scale egg production on maternal and child nutrition in rural Zambia (completed)

Research Sites