Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action

District nutrition officers, mentors, and community stakeholders gather at a nutrition engagement workshop in Tanzania.

Poor nutrition can have irreversible health effects and economic and social consequences for individuals, communities, and nations. While nutrition-specific interventions target the immediate causes of poor nutrition, multi-sectoral nutrition (MSN) action seeks to address underlying determinants of poor nutrition by integrating nutrition efforts across various sectors, including agriculture; education; social welfare; and water, sanitation and hygiene. In doing so, MSN action incorporates nutrition-sensitive programming and maximizes the potential to improve nutrition, health, and development while creating an enabling environment for improved nutrition across sectors.

Our work aims to strengthen multi-sectoral partnerships and support the capacity of council officers and civil society to improve nutrition action across sectors. Specifically, our research projects examine MSN action in Tanzania to complement the National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP), a five-year strategy launched by the Tanzanian government in 2017. We explore the impact of mentoring District Nutrition Officers (DNuOs) on their ability to plan, coordinate, and carry out MSN action. An additional project in Zambia explores the use of livestock intervention based on a community agribusiness model to change the community food environment and sustainably provide animal source food.


BSNS: Building Strong Nutrition Systems in Tanzania (completed)

Small Scale Egg ProductionAssessing the effect of sustainable small-scale egg production on maternal and child nutrition in rural Zambia (completed)

The ASTUTE ProjectAddressing Stunting in Tanzania Early (current)


Katherine L. DickinGina ChapleauDadirai FundiraHope Craig, Ibukun OwoputiStephanie Martin, Sarah Dumas


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