Community-Based Programs

The CENTIR group recognizes the essential role of community in improving community health and developing sustainable programs. We work with national and local governments and community members to improve agriculture, health, and nutrition.

Village Health Workers

This includes working to improve dietary diversity through community projects led by agricultural extension workers; training, monitoring, and evaluating frontline healthcare workers to understand pathways to delivering high quality services; and identifying social support networks to assist pregnant women with medication adherence. We use this information to feed back into local programs and inform local and national policy.


Adherence Partners in Pregnancy: Evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of adherence partners for the prevention of preeclampsia and anemia in pregnant women

One Health for Babies & Livestock: Preventing Fecal Exposure and Environmental Enteropathy

Preventing Preeclampsia & Anemia: Integrating Strategies for the Prevention of Preeclampsia and Anemia into Community-Based Programs

Responsive Feeding Practices: Remembering Childhood Food Insecurity: Influences on Parents’ Current Feeding Practices

The Sanitation, Hygiene and Infant Nutrition Efficacy (SHINE) Trial 


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Scaling Up Nutrition Movement

The United Republic of Tanzania, National Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy, July 2013 – June 2018