Welcome to Our New Community Horticulture Specialist

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Donna Alese Cooke, the new Community Horticulture Specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.  No stranger to Cornell Cooperative Extension, Donna comes to us with experience in education and extension having worked with Master Gardener programs in both Orange and Rockland Counties, and is a Master Gardener herself. Donna is a graduate of the Ornamental Horticulture Program at Farmingdale State College and has a graduate degree in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology. Donna jumped right in to the busy summer activities on June 19.

You can find Donna at 631-727-7850 x225 or DAleseCooke@cornell.edu.

One thought on “Welcome to Our New Community Horticulture Specialist

  1. Louise Pauzano

    Welcome, Donna. I completed my Master Garden courses at Dutchess County in combination with Orange County Students. Nice to have someone from the same neck of the woods. I have participated in only a couple of master gardener activities in Suffolk County but look forward to learning about what is going on so that I may join in again. Good luck.


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