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Enjoying the Harvest

By Elizabeth Takakjian Vine ripe tomatoes are one of the vegetables most gardeners think of as the iconic vegetable – fruit of summer. Picking cherry tomatoes by the handful or that plump slicing tomato as it ripens to that perfect red or golden yellow is worth the wait. My favorites, black cherries, ripen to a […]

Creating Healthy Places Garden Success!

By Elizabeth Takakjian Creating Healthy Places in Suffolk County community gardens keep on growing and giving! As an educator, seeing a student become the teacher is one of the proudest moments and that’s exactly what Magail Roman has done. A novice gardener two years ago when she joined the Growing Together Garden in Brentwood, Ms. […]

Canning & Preserving: Fun for All Ages

By Maryann Birmingham Preserving food in Mason Jars may sound “old-fashioned” but, it’s as modern and trendy as the newest gourmet creation! When you preserve food at home, you’re creating products that save money and time in the kitchen. Preserving food is simple, just a step beyond following a recipe. In home canning this step […]

Good Hydration in the Garden – For You and Your Plants

By Elizabeth Takakjian   Gardeners know that their flower beds and vegetable gardens need regular watering to grow and flourish. Just how much water is enough? Well, according to the Diagnostic Lab staff at Cornell Cooperative Extension, that equals about an inch and a half of water each week.  Installing a rain gauge is any […]

Winter Sowing

By Elizabeth Takakjain Avid gardeners spend the winter months browsing through seed catalogs and gardening books. Soon they just can’t help themselves and begin seeding and placing the seed trays strategically under grow lights and near sunny windows, realizing quite quickly that they don’t have enough space for all the seeds they want to get […]

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