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Fit Family Fun!

By Cristina F. Toscano, RD 10 fun ways to get moving as a family  Adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise each week, or a combination of the two, according to the US Department of Health & Human Services. For children and adolescents […]

Summer Activities to Help Control Your Blood Sugar

By Donna Moodie, RD CDN CDE Do you hate to do exercises like using a treadmill or doing a strenuous workout at a gym? Do you resent the idea of having to pay to exercise by joining a gym or hiring an expensive personal trainer? Is your doctor trying to encourage you to engage in […]

Join a Community Garden

By Elizabeth Takakjian Most vegetable plants need a good eight hours of sunshine to flourish. If the trees in your yard block the sun or you’ve outgrown your apartment windowsill garden, then join a community garden and get growing! Community gardens typically provide you with a designated gardening area drenched in sunshine, water access, and […]

Mulch IS the Answer!

  By Elizabeth Takakjian Do you want to keep weeds down? Retain moisture? Stop erosion? Well then, mulch IS the answer. Besides doing all that, applying mulch is a great time saver when applied correctly. Let’s look at why and learn about a number of different types for your garden. Time Saver – Following a […]

Garden Grids and Markers

By Elizabeth Takakjian Grids When introducing new gardeners to vegetable gardening, I suggest they string out their beds in colorful neon mason line following the Square Foot Gardening method introduced by Mel Bartholomew. It’s a great method that helps you with planning out your plant spacing for optimal growth and the neon colors look great! […]

Benefits of Home Gardening

Benefits of Home Gardening By Elizabeth Takakjian Are you looking for reasonably priced natural fruits and vegetables? It’s as close as your yard or balcony if you plant a garden. Growing fresh, healthy, clean fruits and vegetables is easier than you think.  Today there are quick ways to get growing: grow bags and self-watering containers […]

Getting Your Garden Tote in Order

By Elizabeth Takakjian Each fall I start out with good intentions of organizing my gardening supplies as I close down the garden for the winter, and to some degree I do, but inevitably there’s a corner of the garage or shed in a jumble. In it are things tossed there just after the first snow […]

Saving Seeds

By Elizabeth Takakjian Gardeners often end the season with a collection of seed packets – both partials and unopened. What to do? Toss them? Tuck them into the corner of your shed until next season when you rediscover them and wonder if they are worth planting. Just how may years is a leftover tomato seed […]

Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

By Elizabeth Takakjian   For many gardeners closing up the garden for the winter months is often more of an afterthought brought on by cold mornings and shorter days than a planned end to the season. Still there are sunny, pleasant fall days to enjoy in the garden before the last leaves fall. Take these […]

Growing Garlic – a three season crop!

By Elizabeth Takakjian Soft Neck Garlic aka Artichoke Garlic– small tight cloves, good choice for storage. Hard Neck Garlic aka Ophio Garlic – excellent for fresh eating; doesn’t store as well. FALL Planting and Mulching Garlic grows best in rich, loose soil that has been enhanced with compost. Fall is the optimal time for planting […]

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