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Colder Weather Workout Tips

By Nicolette Casano

Summer has ended and Fall is upon us. You’ve become accustomed to your outside exercise routine in the nice weather of the summer, but now you are worried about exercising during the colder months. What’s your plan? How are you going to fend off the cold? Below are a few tips that will come in handy while exercising in the cold.

Dress in layers! Earmuffs, gloves, and warm socks will keep warm areas on your body that tend to get cold rather quickly. For those really cold days, wear a scarf around your neck and around your nose and mouth. The scarf will provide your lungs with warm air so breathing will be easier.

Map out your routine; the time and the place. Exercising in the afternoon is a great idea because the sun is the warmest around noon, and the sun supplies vitamin D to the body and helps fight off depression. Avoid areas that are open and near the water because these areas tend to have stronger winds. Pick places surrounded by trees or tall buildings that will block the wind.

Warming up and cooling down are a must. Warm up indoors for about 5 minutes by walking or jogging in place. Once outside, start with a slow pace and take a few breaks every couple of minutes to adjust to the colder weather. Cool down by slowing your pace before entering your home. Once inside, adjust to the warmer environment before taking a shower.

Did you know your body works harder while exercising in the cold? Start off with a simpler workout and increase the length of time or intensity if you feel your body is up to it. It is also important to be flexible. If the weather is too cold or rainy, choose days to go outside that are sunny and clear. Your schedule may constantly change, but all that matters is that you are putting in the effort to get out there and exercise!

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Nicolette Casano is an intern with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk Country’s Family Health and Wellness Program during the Fall of 2013 and is currently a Dietetic Intern at LIU Post. She is also studying for her Master’s in Nutrition at LIU Post. She grew up on Long Island and received her BS in Nutrition from LIU Post in September 2013.


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