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Compost = Organic Matter

Organic matter is the elixir of life for the plant world.  More is generally better.  How much more?  A large bag (1 Ft3?) is generally sufficient for planting a two gallon shrub or a flat of annual flowers.  That bag of compost will cover 162 square feet (10’x16’) with a two inch layer.  That is a lot of bags if you have a substantial food garden or perennial border!  Bulk on the other hand avoids the bags and is a more appropriate scale.

Garden retailers offer compost made from spent mushroom soil, brewery waste and occasionally leaf mold.  The last is often free through your municipality.  Unfortunately, what is free sometimes lacks quality.  Plastic waste, wood that will not decompose or stone require hand picking or screening.  Whether native soil is better suited for a potter’s wheel or a beach, organic matter is the solution to its improvement.

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2 Responses to “ Compost = Organic Matter ”

  • janine loren

    better applied in spring or fall?


    Our apologies for the delay in a proper reply. Our blog administrator did not realize i could not see your query and they were not responding to your question. I too have admin status and can respond in a timely manner.
    As I may not be seeing your initial question I will respond to what i believe you are asking.
    Compost may be added to garden beds any time of the year. In season applications may be difficult to incorporate and would only be top dressed. Preplant in the spring would likely be worked in at that time. one could do the same in the fall or leave it on top through the winter and work it in during spring bed preparation.

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