Let’s Talk About: Life After High School

Thinking About Life After High School – What’s Next?

It’s a big question, for sure, big enough that it’s probably time to start thinking about it!   But like all the great questions in life, there are no right and wrong answers.

Let’s Talk About… Life After High School can help teens come to grips with all the options out there for them, and help parents, caregivers, and student educators with the transition.   And like the name of this program, the best thing to do is talk about every option out there.  A question that large can be intimidating.

The following video offers a framework for thinking about Life After High School, as well as offering some suggestions on where to start.  For more instructions on viewing the video scroll down!

Let’s Talk About…Life After High School from Let’s Talk About on Vimeo.

That should be enough to get you started — thinking about and talking about whats next for you or for the teen in your life.

Video Instructions

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More Resources to continue the discussion:

  • If you want to download the Presentation Video as a .mov file… Click here (to view, you will need QuickTime – a free download from Apple.com)
  • Learn even more about Life After Highschool with this handout..

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