Vegetable Gardening

Squash and Tomatoes

Having a vegetable garden is an investment that pays back in many ways. It provides fresh healthy food at a lower cost than you could ever find in stores. The food you grow fits your tastes and the growing conditions here in Herkimer County. Gardening also gets you out in the fresh air to enjoy the natural world. For families, gardening teaches children about where food comes from and gives them the tools to provide for themselves.





Seed Starting

Through upstate New York’s long winters many people get a jump on summer by starting seeds indoors. Starting seeds offers many advantages for the home gardener including a greater choice of vegetable varieties that best suit your needs and growing conditions, cost savings over purchased transplants and it is a fun and educational activity for the whole family.

To start seeds at home you need just a few things, the seeds themselves, growing materials and a dedicated space for a seed starting station with a light source and access to water where your seeds will grow until you are ready to transplant them into the garden. Starting seeds will require a small time commitment on your part. After setting up the station and planting the seeds you will need to check them regularly to track their growing conditions and determine when they are ready to transplant outside into your garden.

As you plan your vegetable garden you should take advantage of the Cornell resources below for the best gardening practices.

Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting

Vegetable Gardening Resources

Vegetable Gardening FAQs

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