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Welcome to the Subscription
page for the ForestConnect Webinars.

Thank you for your interest in the Cornell University Cooperative Extension webinar series about woodland resource management and ecology.

The ForestConnect webinar series provides research-based knowledge to owners, practitioners and decision makers. Webinars are live on the third Wednesday of each month at noon and 7PM for one hour each. Your participation is voluntary. The webinar e-list (subscribe below) is our way to communicate with prospective webinar viewers.  If you are on the webinar e-list you will:

– Receive notice of the topics and dates for all future ForestConnect webinars.
– Receive webinar connection notice details a day or two before the webinar
– Be alerted if there are any last minute changes to the webinar schedule
– Receive infrequent notice of forestry webinars offered by other institutions and agencies.
– Not be included in general email notices or announcements related to other ForestConnect educational initiatives. For general notices, please subscribe to the CCE Forestry e-list here.

As a list subscriber you will receive a notice of webinar connection details a day or two before the monthly webinar. You will need to follow the instructions contained in that notice to obtain a “registration access code”. That code allows you to enter the webinar as a participant/attendee.

A list of webinar topics is located here. All webinars are archived. Webinars are archived at

Please note, if you, wish to unsubscribe, have any difficulties with subscribing, or have questions regarding this list please send an e-mail to: Or contact Peter Smallidge directly at: Do not reply to the list or e-mail the list with these types of questions.

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