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Participants need to have an Internet web browser, the same browser you used to get to this page. Examples include Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla Firefox. The interactive nature of the seminar is the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter in a real time venue. No additional hardware is required. Virtually all current computers already have a Flash player installed, which is used by the web conferencing software.

Information to connect to the conference will be sent to people who have subscribed to the webinar e-list. Subscribers will receive a web link to connect as a guest to the web conference site and the option to test their connection, two days prior to the web conference.

Access to the web conference site that hosts the Internet seminars is free of charge. Your standard Internet connection charges would still apply. We are not able to assist users with problems they may have with their computer, connections, or connection speed.

All email notifications will be sent from or

Procedures for ForestConnect Webinar Continuing Education Credits
Certified Foresters, Licensed Foresters, Registered Foresters, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, and others

  • These procedures only to webinars offered through the Cornell University Cooperative Extension ForestConnect program.  CE credits from other webinars are handled by the respective hosts.
  • As you connect to the webinar each month using the URL I provide, you will be asked to provide your name and email address by means of a simple on-line from. Via this email you will recieve documentation of participation.
  • You are responsible for retaining your email certificate and submitting the credits through your credentialling organization. CFE credits for SAF have been pre-approved unless otherwise noted.  All other participants should contact their credentialling organization to confirm the content of a particular webinar will satisfy their continuing education requirements. 
  • CFE credits are only available to those who participate int eh live presentations, no credits can be given for watcing recorded webinars.
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