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Common Questions

Common questions

The responses to these questions were developed in cooperation with the New York Forest Owners Association in their bi-monthly column “Ask a Professional” and as modifications of FAQ responses posted by the USFS NA-State and Private Forestry.

  1. How can I find a good forester or logger and what should I expect from them?
  2. What should I do to grow a forest in my old pasture?
  3. How much tree volume is in my woods and how fast should my trees grow?
  4. I’ve heard about “stand improvement”, but I don’t know what that means.
  5. I know I need to harvest some trees, but I’m not sure where to begin.
  6. How can I avoid some of the problems my neighbors had with ATVs?
  7. What steps should I take to protect water quality during forestry practices?
  8. There are dead trees in my woods, what should I do?
  9. What should I do on the finance and tax side to improve my profit potential?
  10. Am I practicing sustainable forest management?
  11. What has happened to the price of white ash? Should I hold off harvesting mature ash in hope that the price will improve?
  12. How can I manage my woodlot to provide optimal habitat for Wood Thrush and Cerulean Warbler?
  13. I would like to manage my old woodlot to restore production to the sugarbush, a project I will use in retirement. I think some trees need to be culled and thinned. How should I proceed?
  14. How can I find a consulting forester who will work on an hourly basis, rather than on commission?
  15. What is the difference between crop tree management and basal area (or area wide) thinning?
  16. I want to self-harvest my marketable trees, accumulate them on a landing, and offer them for competitive bid. Is this a feasible plan? How long can the logs be accumulated before they degrade in value?
  17. How do I prepare a rural site for the planting of seedling trees?
  18. What ecological effect does hay-scented fern have on the forest? Are there any non-chemical strategies that will control the fern?
  19. I’ve heard conflicting recommendations on whether I should girdle trees. What do I need to consider about girdling?
  20. My property includes pasture and an area that was inappropriately logged by the former owner. I wish to replant at least a reasonable portion of the new parcel with trees. I am considering black walnut trees for part of the project and I would welcome help as to preparation for a mid sized tree planting plan as well as your thoughts as to tree mix. Finally, as a new landowner, how do I get started in learning more about stewardship?
  21. I want to be able to take some measurements in my forest. Is there a good way for me to accurately measure and describe my forest?
  22. What is the best way to mark property boundaries? Should nails be driven all the way in? Is it better to blaze and paint or use plastic or metal signs? How often should my property be surveyed?
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