Stay Informed with the NYS CCE Field Crops News Blog

The NYS CCE Field Crops News is a collaboration between Cornell University campus faculty and CCE field crops county extension agents in order to provide current field crops information to stakeholders in NYS.

Blog postings will include news articles, seasonally relevant extension articles and announcements about emerging issues and programming opportunities related to field crops in NYS including a weekly weather outlook, county scouting reports, county based research information and the NYS IPM Weekly Pest Report.

In addition to being able to access the blog directly at the address above, viewers may find a news feed to the blog at http://fieldcrops.org. An email subscription to the blog is also available and can be found on the home page of the blog. Subscribers will be emailed updates as new postings are made eliminating the need to keep checking the blog for new information.

For more information about the NYS CCE Field Crops News blog, please contact Jenn Thomas-Murphy (jnt3@cornell.edu).

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