Oneida County Weekly Scouting Report – August 21, 2014

The latest edition of the Oneida County Weekly Scouting Report is available through the Oneida County Cooperative Extension’s website.  Notes from Jeff Miller:

The main issue is the increasing numbers of aphids in local soybean stands. Some stands hit 300-400 per plant this week which is over the published threshold. These fields are at R4 beginning seed so the plants are sending most of their resources to the developing seeds.

I heard reports from the western part of the state that they are seeing not only lady bugs and other predators.. they are seeing the fungal disease attacking aphids now. Their numbers are in decline I believe we will have the same results soon.

With the soybean heights (42-52” tall) and bushiness of many stands… there would be significant damage from sprayers so I have suggested to continue to scout soybean fields and be ready to call for insecticide if you continue to see increasing numbers of aphids and start to see the health of the plants start to decline.


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