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Maple, Sap, Syrup

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Online publications

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Cornell Cooperative Extension Articles:

Sugar Bush Management:

Sugar Bush Management
Sugar Bush Management – A Guide to Maintaining Tree Health
A Guide to Sugarbush Stocking
Environmental and Management Effects Sugar Maple
Sugar Bush Management for Maple Syrup Producers
Diseases of Maples in Eastern North America
Sugar Maple
Forest Tent Caterpillar in the Sugar Bush – When does it pay to spray?
Sugarbush thinning – strategies for improved tree health and sap sugar production
Influence of Tree Crowns on Maple Sap Production

Sap and Tapping:

Influence of Number and Depth of Tap Holes on Maple Sap Flow
Background Information and Justification for Reintroducing the Maple Tapping Access Program Act as part of the new Federal Stimulus Package
Rationale for Passing the Maple TAP Act as part of the Economic Stimulus Package
Spout size influence on sap flow
Understanding Weather Forecasts
Sap Steady UV Unit for Maple Sap
2011 Maple Tubing and Taphole Sanitation Research
2013 Maple Tubing Research


Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner
Production of Maple Syrup and Sugar in NY
Maple Confections Notebook
Exercise Caution when Making Maple Confections
From Forest to Table – brochure
Maple Syrup More than Hanging a Bucket on a Tree
Growth Potential in the Northern NY Maple Industry
Organic Maple Production – Marketing Opportunity or Road to Contempt
Increased Profits Through 31% Reduction in Energy Consumption

Grading Syrup:

Maple Flavors and Syrup Grading
Maple Grading in New York

Cornell Cooperative Extension tools:

Evaluation of the costs when installing a maple tubing system
– Excel spreadsheet for use with above article
Net Present Value (NPV) Analyses of utilizing a single maple tree for immediate or long term timber production vs. leasing for syrup production.
2012 Maple Summary Chart of Accounts
– Excel spreadsheet for use with above


Survey of NYS Maple Producers
Report to the Steering Committee of the
Lewis County Maple Syrup Bottling Facility

Taking stock and looking ahead: Benchmarking New York State maple sugar production

Articles from other sources:

United States Standards for Grades of Maple Sirup
Sugarbush Management: A Guide to Maintaining Tree Health
Manufacture, Distribution and Sale of Maple Syrup and Sugar (Circ 947)
North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual Bulletin 856
Tax publications and forms
Bibliography of maple-related publications

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