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Solarize Cayuga

What is Solarize Cayuga..?Solarize Cayuga

Cayuga County residents and businesses are able to take advantage of a discount on solar panels installed on their properties through the new Solarize Cayuga initiative. Solarize Cayuga is part of a larger Solarize CNY program being administered by the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board in conjunction with local community volunteers in five upstate counties: Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga and Oswego. Solarize Cayuga is completely communitybased and run by volunteers interested in expanding the uptake of solar power in our county.

Solarize Cayuga is able to achieve significant cost savings by encouraging many people to install solar panels at the same time. The solar companies benefit from the economies of scale associated with having many customers in a community installing solar, so the companies are able to offer a reduced price on the solar panel installations.

Solarize Cayuga streamlines the process for potential solar customers by educating them about the details of solar panels, selecting reputable solar installation companies through a competitive process to ensure they meet established criteria, and informing customers of potential financing options as well as available state and federal financial incentives.

The Solarize Cayuga program, which begins in July 2015, is offering a series of free community workshops throughout Cayuga County, where interested property owners can learn how solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems work, what the solar power potential is in our region, how the Solarize program works, and what solar incentives and financing options currently exist to make PV systems even more affordable. Solarize Cayuga program attendees will also be introduced to the two program-approved solar contractors. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up to receive a free, no-obligation site assessment to determine the suitability of their property for solar panels. If their site proves suitable for solar power, they will be able to purchase a solar installation at substantial cost savings from a Solarize Cayuga program-approved installer. The Solarize Cayuga program has a limited time enrollment period, ending October 31st.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) – which is underwriting Solarize programs throughout our state and which currently offers financial incentives for PV systems – indicates that the prices offered through our Solarize Cayuga program are about 15% below the state market rate for comparable solar energy systems.  Solarize programs have already proven successful in upstate New York communities such as Syracuse, Tompkins County, Madison County, and Broome County.

Learn more about Solarize CNY and Solarize Cayuga at:

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