Produced in New York Food Contest 2019

Produced in NY 2018 Cookbook Produced in New York (PNY) Food Contest is a contest in which youth choose a recipe featuring products locally produced or grown in New York State. The chosen recipes should contain at least one cup of the featured New York product. Possible featured products could be: apples, potatoes, cherries, cabbage, corn, beef, grapes, squash, beans, onions, whole grains, tomatoes, etc. 4-H Participants must purchase and bring their own recipe ingredients, and also demonstrate how the recipe is made. This is a silent demonstration, and there are several 4-H members working on demonstrating their recipes at the same time. Participants bring a finished product of their chosen recipe with them to the contest, if it is not something that can be finished during the demonstration, or requires an oven. (Ex: pies, baked goods, casseroles, etc)

Judges evaluate the 4-H member’s skills, neatness, organization, taste, appearance and nutritional value. The members will fill out a Menu Planning Sheet which describes a complete menu for one meal which includes: the featured recipe, a statement of where the recipe came from, lists major nutrients found in the recipe and their function, and information about the featured New York State product.

The top 6 participants are specially recognized, and receive first chance at representing Cayuga County at the New York State Fair contest.

Register online or contact the office to participate!

Forms Used:

JR/SR Product Evaluation Sheet
JR/SR Demonstration Evaluation Sheet

Cloverbud Demonstration Evaluation Sheet
Cloverbud Product Evaluation Sheet
General PNY Guidelines

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