December 13, 2017  CCE Cayuga held a meeting on strategies for selecting Conventional or GMO Corn Varieties

We have included the power point slides that were the basis of the discussions during the meeting.  They include what specific items should be determined to reduce the chances of insects above and below ground, diseases that could be influenced by insects, and weed control modification that may be different with conventional corn especially if you have been familiar with what GMO has been providing.

A review of the standards and measurements (as we know them at this time) if you are feeding this corn to dairy cows or selling to someone who will.

The speakers that provided these slides were Margaret Smith Professor in the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Cornell University, Joe Lawrence Dairy Forage system specialist Pro Dairy at Cornell University, and Larry Chase Professor in the Department of Animal science C.U.

Basic Background on Non-GMO Corn by Margaret Smith

Non-GMO Crop Production by Joe Lawrence

Considerations for Developing Non-GMO Dairy Rations by Dr. L.E. Chase

If you problems viewing the information contact Keith Severson at or 315-255-1183 extension 225 for a copy.

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