Across New York State, forests are largely under private ownership. The case is no different in Cayuga County, where private landowners are responsible for the health of our forest ecosystems.

Though our forests have recovered over the past several decades, they have come under increasing pressure from issues such as development and land use decisions, invasive species, and white tailed deer. In the face of these challenges, forests need stewardship and management to ensure their continued prosperity. Working with Extension, landowners can understand the benefits of proper land management and can engage in practices that improve their forests, whether their goal is timber sale, song bird habitat, or recreation.

Forests are always changing, and as a community we need to be aware of the changes happening in our woodlots. By being aware of the challenges as well as solutions or mitigation methods, we can help steer our forests in a good direction.

Whether you own a hundred acre forest, a small woodlot, or are just interested in learning more about the woods around our public parks, we encourage you to get in touch with us and join our community of responsible forest stewards.

Forest management can come in many shapes and sizes, from municipal land use decisions to homeowners in the City of Auburn contributing to the urban forest canopy. We encourage everyone to get involved.

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