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Horse Game Day Fundraiser

Events for all ages and skill levels


WHEN:  Saturday, June 23rd. 2018 (Check in @ 9:30am; Games begin @10:00am)

 WHERE: Southern Tier Stables, 2068 Dumplin Hill Road, Moravia, NY 13118

 COST: $25 per youth; or $40 per family


Command – Follow the announcer’s directions (commands) accurately and quickly. Failure to follow causes elimination. The last one to be eliminated is the winner.

Trail & Gambler’s Choice – Negotiate a course of obstacles in a pattern

Egg & Spoon – Commands done at specified gait, while holding a spoon with an egg on it. Dropping the egg causes elimination.

Musical bags – Riders walk on the rail (with a handler) until the music stops. The rider jumps off the horse and runs to a bag in the center of the arena. Like musical chairs, there is one less bag than riders. Last one eliminated wins.

Sit a Buck – A buck (fake dollar bill) is placed under the rider’s seat. Commands are followed. Elimination happens when they lose their buck. Last one to lose their buck is the winner.

Ball Catch Race – Teams of two pass and catch a ball along a given pattern. Last team to lose their ball is the winner.

4-H Horse Game Day Fundraiser Cover Letter Cont.

 Blind Man’s Tack up Race – 4-Hers have their tack placed next to their horse, (with a silent handler). The 4-Her is blindfolded. The first youth to tack up their horse correctly and safely wins.

 Three Legged Race – No horse required. In teams of two, one leg of each of the youth is tied to each other. The first pair to cross the finish line is the winner.

Barrel Race – The horse is ridden by a sponsor (a parent, leader, or friend) while the 4-Her leads the horse around a barrel pattern. The fastest team wins.

For those youth participating with their stick horse; please bring one if you have it. We will have a few on-hand for those not owning one.

Please fill out an entry form and submit to the office with your payment by June 14th

A few reminders:

  • Please bring a dish to pass
  • Please bring your own chair
  • The event is open to other county 4-H enrolled youth
  • For youth not enrolled in 4-H, but would like to participate; please call CCE Cayuga 4-H office (315-255-1183). Speak to Emma (ext. 224) or Dorothy (ext. 232). 4-H membership ages will be followed



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4-H Horse Premier Event Announced

CCE Cayuga will again be holding our annual 4-H Horse Premier Event. This will be an educational horse program offering something for everyone, even if you do not own or ride a horse! This event is a great way to get started with a 4-H project horse, or advance the skills you already have!

Youth should plan to participate in the event using their 4-H project horse, as available. The clinic is open to all enrolled youth: Cloverbud, Junior and Senior aged 4-H members.

Our highlighted riding class topic will be “A Day of Jumping” with our featured Clinician Claire Affleck.


Standardbred 2018 Clinic Announced

The 2018 Standardbred Clinic will be travelling to Morrisville on April 27th.  Registration fee is $5.  Register here! 

What is Horse Extravaganza?

Horse Extravaganza is a knowledge-based regional capstone event that provides an opportunity for youth enrolled in horse projects to demonstrate their knowledge of equine related subject matter in a competitive setting where attitudes of friendliness and fairness prevail. This year, Horse Extravaganza will take place on March 3 at Mid-Lakes High School, Phelps, NY.  There are two elements to this contest: Horse Bowl & Hippology.

HORSE BOWL:  Horse Bowl is set up in a quiz bowl style with 2 teams of 4-6 players competing directly against each other to answer questions related to horse science and industry. Youth participants will answer questions using a handheld buzzer.

HIPPOLOGY:  In contrast, in the Hippology portion of the event, teams of 3-4 youth will travel between hands-on stations that offer opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in a wide range of horse topics such as: Anatomy and Confirmation, tack, feeds, breeds, colors, etc. In addition, there is a written test and a horse judging portion.



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