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4-H Youth Fair

Held at the Ward W. O’Hara Agricultural Museum, 6880 East Lake Road, Auburn NY (Across from Emerson Park). Thursday, July 25 – Saturday, July 27

Sign reads "Regarding Parking | Includes Loading and Unloading of Livestock"

Beef Show Registration and Information

 4-H Youth Fair Books, Information and Forms

4-H Youth Building Exhibits Fairbook

4-H Animal Fairbook

4-H Youth Fair ID Cards (fillable .pdf file)The 4-H Youth Fair Tentative Schedule

4-H Youth Overnight Request Form

4-H Animal Show General Information & Deadlines

Exhibitor Entry Statement Form for Youth Building Exhibits!   (.pdf fillable)

4-H Animal Health Links Youth Fair

2018 Ag & Markets Letter regarding Animal Health Requirements

Animal Health Requirements For Admission to New York State and County Fairs (7 Page Document)

Summary Exhibitor Pre-Fair Guidelines Check-List  (1 Page Document)

2018 Interstate Health Requirements for Fair

Pullorum Testing Scheduled
The pullorum test date has been confirmed for Thursday, July 5th at 5 p.m. at the Education Center, 248 Grant Avenue, Auburn, NY. This is the only event scheduled for poultry animals to be tested in Cayuga County for 2018 Fair exhibition. If you are not able to attend on July 5th; it will be up to the exhibitor and their family to find an alternative location and time listed on the NY Dept of Ag & Markets Pullorum Clinic Schedule; found here:

4-H Project Animal Identification Forms

*  Please take notice:  DAIRY CATTLE exhibitors! – MUST attach correct animal’s registration papers to the Animal ID Certificate.

** Live animal photos or accurate drawings MUST be present on your animal identification certificate.  We will NOT accept certificates that are incomplete!

4-H Beef Cattle Identification Certificate
4-H Cavy Identification Certificate
4-H Dairy Cattle Identification Certificate
4-H Dog Identification Certificate
4-H Horse Identification Certificate
4-H Poultry Identification Certificate
4-H Rabbit Identification Certificate
4-H Sheep Identification Certificate
4-H Goat Identification Certificate

Producer Ear Tag Order Form -AI489

Scrapie Tag Order Form


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