4-H Youth Fair Project Evaluation

July 22, 2019 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The Monday before Youth Fair, projects will be evaluated at Ward O’Hara.  Please register up to 30 exhibits by June 30th, and sign up for a time slot to speak with judges about your work! We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. Select exhibits will be chosen to go to state fair, during the youth fair.

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Pheasant Chick Distribution Program a Success!

The Pheasant Chick distribution that took place at the Auburn Tractor Supply Company on May 21st was a success.

A total of 1,725 chicks went home with families and individuals to be raised and released!

Thank you to all who participated, we hope to see you again next year!

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4-H Horse Clinic Hosted at Snook Stables a Success!

4-H Educational Riding Clinic was a Success!

4-H Educational Riding Clinic was Success!

Thank you to All!

On Saturday, May 11th the Cayuga County 4-H Horse Program had 25 4-H members and their project horses gather at an educational riding clinic. Wendy Casper at Snook Training Stable in Weedsport hosted the event.

The Empire Arabian Club underwrote the grant that brought Clinician Dave Phillips in for a full day of riding instruction and problem solving. Several different levels of riders participated including advanced and Cloverbuds. A pizza lunch was provided courtesy of Byrne Dairy.

CCE of Cayuga County wishes to thank everyone that helped to organize and run the event, and our sponsors, Snook Training Stable, Empire Arabian Club and Byrne Dairy!

Here are some highlights from the event!

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4-H and Open Beef Show – Youth Fair & the Big 6 Picnic

It’s nearing that time of year again: time to start thinking about Youth Fair and the Big 6 Picnic Beef Show! Held annually at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum, this event welcomes individuals to show both 4-H and open for a number of classes (click image below for specifics).

  • Where: Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum, 6880 East Lake Rd., Auburn, NY 13021
  • When: Saturday, July 27th starting at 8am
  • Superintendents: TJ and Felicia Leary (Co Super: Jeanne White)
  • Contact: Vivian Chappell (CCE Educator) vhc26@cornell.edu
  • Registration: Please click the document below to find an attached registration page. You may return this to the CCE office  (248 Grant Ave, Auburn, NY 13021) by June 1st to register.

We’re excited and getting ready for another success, hope to see you there!


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Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

Our County program is under the assistance of the New York State Master Gardener Volunteer Program and we try to comply with their recommendations. In New York State the master gardener program is a volunteer service program not a course or certificate. The Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) programs are managed individually by county CCE associations. Our collective aim is to support the CCE’s educational mission through garden-based learning programs in our local communities. Through volunteer service CCE MGV work closely with their county program leader to support educational efforts including public gardening workshops and helping address citizens’ questions related to gardening management as well as helping community and school groups launch their own gardening programs. CCE MGV programs are focused on education and may maintain demonstration gardens as outdoor classrooms for their public workshops but maintaining gardens for outside organizations is not part of our educational outreach.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) programs select volunteers as needed through an application process from their pool of residents of that county. This happens at varying intervals depending on local county resources and needs. Check your local county office for current information. Core horticulture training is the first requirement of the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer commitment, followed by an agreement to volunteer with you CCE county program for one or more years for a specific number of hours. Once you stop volunteering you are no longer a CCE Master Gardener Volunteer as it is not a certificate, it is a volunteer job title.

This volunteer service is to assist home owners with pests associated with their plants, and is not intended to serve a commercial audience or diagnose health concerns related to humans, animals or structures.  Our focus is on education, and if services are requested of our volunteers, nominal fees may be essential to maintain this volunteer based program.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer for CCE Cayuga County please contact us or stop by our office at 248 Grant Avenue, Auburn, NY.

If you are looking for a horticulture course though not a volunteering opportunity, you might be interested in Cornell Horticulture distance learning courses. The content of our Organic Gardening course is very similar to the core training for the CCE MGV program.

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Across New York State, forests are largely under private ownership. The case is no different in Cayuga County, where private landowners are responsible for the health of our forest ecosystems.

Though our forests have recovered over the past several decades, they have come under increasing pressure from issues such as development and land use decisions, invasive species, and white tailed deer. In the face of these challenges, forests need stewardship and management to ensure their continued prosperity. Working with Extension, landowners can understand the benefits of proper land management and can engage in practices that improve their forests, whether their goal is timber sale, song bird habitat, or recreation.

Forests are always changing, and as a community we need to be aware of the changes happening in our woodlots. By being aware of the challenges as well as solutions or mitigation methods, we can help steer our forests in a good direction.

Whether you own a hundred acre forest, a small woodlot, or are just interested in learning more about the woods around our public parks, we encourage you to get in touch with us and join our community of responsible forest stewards.

Forest management can come in many shapes and sizes, from municipal land use decisions to homeowners in the City of Auburn contributing to the urban forest canopy. We encourage everyone to get involved.


CCE Know Your Trees – A handy tree identification guide.

Understanding Timber Sale – A brief guide to timber sale and the players involved.

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4-H Newsletter 2018

Adobe Reader is required to view the newsletters. http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Cayuga 4-H Discovers Fall 2018
Cayuga 4-H Discovers Pre-Fair 2018


Cayuga 4-H Discovers Spring 2018


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STARR 2019 Workshops

2019 State Teen Action Representative Retreat Workshops

April 5-7, 2019

NYS Fairgrounds

Long Workshops – Choose One

3 Hours total broken into 2- 90 minute workshops!

Earth Art & Digital Storytelling

Painting, Pictures, Maps, Soils and Storytelling are all part of this workshop that has something for everyone. Come use your creative side to PAINT a work of art using SOILS from around the world. Bring a soil sample from your own home town and snap a PICTURE of the location to add local color to your painting and to your digital STORYTELLING. Learn about the value of soil to food security, economic development and healthy living. Use StoryMAPS to chart and illustrate your adventure and share the “dirt” on soil with the world. Meet and learn from award winning artist and scientist, Kirsten Kurtz, Check out these videos on soil painting: https://youtu.be/fuAbbeSy02k


Outdoor Cooking- Traditional Fun with a Hi-Tech Twist

Everyone knows how fun it is to prepare meals out doors on an open fire. But now you can learn how to take all the traditional fun way beyond the usual. In this workshop you will explore the basics of the outdoor cooking wood fires, and the science behind efficient, “clean” fires. Participants will also construct their own hi-tech tin can outdoor cooking “rocket Stove.” You will also get to explore how some of the most up to date, hi-tech bio fuel stoves work and how they allow us to “Act Local and Think Global” for healthy living. Participants are encouraged to take what they learn back to their own local clubs and community.

Reverse Tie-Dye – Time to Explore

This workshop is much the same as short workshop, with an added bonus- time to explore many techniques! We will find out what happens when you scrunch, fold, twist and roll fabric and intentionally apply bleach to it. The effects are endless and always one of a kind. Each participant will leave with a unique t-shirt of your own design. Warning- the effects of bleach are permanent, so be sure to wear old clothes!

Survival Basics

Developing a mindset that kicks into survival mode when the situation demands. Determining what equipment is necessary, how to use it, when to use it and where to procure it. Learn what a survival daypack consists of and where to obtain the materials for it. Participants will make some of the fire starting elements.

Career Explorations Planning Team

This workshop is for the Career Explorations Planning Team (Focus Assistants and Educators) to begin team building and program planning for the 2019 Career Explorations Conference.

Body Image and Body Positivity

During the first half we will explore different body images and talk about what the media puts out about body image and how it makes us feel. During the second half we will discuss body positivity and what that means and how we can express it.


DIY Scrumptious Salutations

For the first half we are going to make face masks, soaps, and body scrubs. There may be a possibility to make candles if there is enough time. For the second half we are going to make chocolate pretzels, hollow out candy apples, trail mix, and smores.

Wild Edibles

You can eat that? Explore the NYS 4H new Wild Edibles Curriculum which includes emphasis on sustainable identification, and preparation of several wild plants found in the Northeast. Identify what is growing around the 4H building. Sample some recipes!

Power & Privilege

Through thought-provoking activities and media, participants will engage in a guided discussion aimed at eliciting self-reflection regarding their own power and privilege, and how power and privilege has shaped their world.

Short Workshops – Choose Four, first and second choice for both AM and PM workshops

1 Hour Total

Mac Attack

Learn how to make mac and cheese from scratch. Learn about the benefits of making homemade food with real ingredients rather than purchasing pre-packaged foods. Learn the “mother sauces” and how to make a roux.

Aging Whitetail Deer

This workshop will be a lecture-based workshop designed to teach what to analyze to field the age of whitetail deer.

Sheep Handling & Management Skills

Hands-on experience in Sheep Handling, Hoof Trimming, Dental Aging, & using the FAMACHA Anemia Guide for parasite management.

Felted Soap

You may have seen these soap sweaters at farmer’s markets and small boutiques. Join your friends in some good, clean fun! We’ll learn the science behind felting and utilize NYS and other wool roving to complete two felted soap bars. The wool creates a thin wool sweater that helps soap last longer, is a gentle exfoliator and they make great decorative items and gifts. Creative packaging will also be explored!

Reverse Tie-Dye- The Down & Dirty

We all know what happens when you accidentally get bleach on clothes, but what happens if you do it on purpose? In this mini-lesson, you will learn about the effects of bleach on color and you will purposefully create a one of kind t-shirt. Beware- the effects of bleach are permanent, so wear old clothes.

How to Cross-Stitch

Introduction to the basics of counted cross stitch. Students will start a ladybug motif cross stitch that can be framed or used as a patch when completed. 

4-H Safe and Brave Spaces

We aim to grow 4-H as a safe and brave place for youth and adults to find true belonging as they explore, understand, and embrace all of the beautifully rich and complex aspects of their identity. What do safe and brave spaces look like? How can you be a leader creating in them in 4-H for yourself and others? How can we work together to nurture belonging and increase equity in our 4-H programs? Join this workshop to help us explore these questions and resources for personal growth and community impact.

“Wish Upon A Jar”

DIY!, come make your own tasty snacks. Be healthy, Be unhealthy, treat yourself. You will be decorating your own snack filled jar with delicious treats.

REFIT – a “music+movement” fitness experience

REFIT is a HEALTHY LIVING, fun, engaging, participatory fitness workshop for everybody and every body. It is a “music+movement” experience that adds resistance training elements to give you a total body workout. We know that you want to be inspired to make positive changes and in order to do that, you need an encouraging community and an empowering workout. REFIT believes that fitness should change more than your body, which is why we’ve created a powerful, positive workout that changes you from the inside out.

Outdoor Cooking

Why cook outside? For starters, outdoor cooking is as old as mankind. The first efforts at cooking food were not done in any oven, but instead in fires made in the great outdoors. In our modern era of instantaneous gratification, the myriad of appliances and other machinery created for the express purpose of making our lives as filled with ease as possible has done just that – made menial tasks easier. It unfortunately has also resulted in a loss of basic traditional skills, such as that of cooking directly over a fire. This hands-on, interactive class will combine information with guidance to provide participants with the basic skills to start developing their own proficiency in outdoor cooking. This class will be held, rain or shine, so please come dressed for the weather, make sure to wear flame-retardant clothing, and notify the instructor if you have any food allergens.

Fighting Stereotypes

We will air a documentary filmed and edited by local 4-H teen leaders about racial discrimination and propose ways to move past stereotypes through dialogue and discussion. Please come with your questions and remain open and curious.

Tai Chi for Better Health

If you interested in discovering an easy way to decrease stress and improve your wellbeing than look no further! This workshop will introduce you to an ancient Chinese form of martial arts that also boasts of surprising health benefits for all ages and abilities. Based on several Sun Style forms, which combines Tai Chi movements and Qigong breathing techniques, it’s easy to learn and practice anywhere.

Banking 101

Students will learn about the different accounts that you can open at your local bank (checking, savings), debit cards vs credit cards, how to deposit money, how to withdraw money, and how to write a check.

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Employment Opportunities

Opportunities Now Available with CCE:

Associate Director – Auburn NY (Click HERE for more information)

4-H Youth Development Educator – Auburn NY  (Click HERE for more information)

4-H Animal Science Educator – Auburn NY (Click HERE for more information)

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STARR – State Teen Action Reps Reatreat 2019

STARR Registration is now open for this fun packed weekend held annually, for 4-H teens at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse, from April 5-7 2019!

The cost of attending for one youth is $85 (includes meals). Attending 4-H members will participate in a variety of workshops on everything from outdoor cooking, reverse tie dye, and survival basic to felted soap, and activities aimed at developing an array of different skills. Click HERE for a complete listing of workshops offered in 2019!

The Event is planned by teens and adults serving on the youth/adult STARR planning committee. If you are interested in registering, please contact Rachel Williams (Youth Educator for Seneca County) at rrw33@cornell.edu

Click HERE for more information!

The Keynote speaker for this year is A’ric Jackson. Click HERE to learn more!

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