Building Successful Food Hubs in the Northeastern United States

The Cornell University Cooperative Enterprise Program (CEP) has examined opportunities for food hub development in the northeastern United States. Food hubs aggregate, market, and distribute local, source-identified products. They are a gateway for small and mid-sized farmers and producers to access intermediary buyers, i.e. wholesalers, distributors, retail grocery, restaurants, institutions, etc. The CEP has focused on research useful to persons or organizations interested in developing a food hub enterprise. Project partners in this effort include the Cooperative Development Center, Keystone Development Center and Cornell University Cooperative Extension Associations located in Essex, Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis Counties. Appreciation is also expressed to the Federal State Marketing Improvement Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture for their support of “Building the Success of Food Hubs Through the Cooperative Experience and the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program at the U. S. Department of Agriculture administered through the NYS Department of Agriculture for their support of Opportunities for Food Hub Development in Northern New York.

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