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July 10, 2018

By: Curt Gooch, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

Cow Environmental Stress

A visit on July 4th to a dairy farm that employs aggressive fan cooling for their dairy cows (Key Considerations – Fan Cooling Cows) reminded me how much cows really need direct evaporative cooling (sprinklers) to mitigate heat stress when summertime heat waves hit. Cows lying in their sand beds were aggressively panting and drooling saliva with every breath. While sprinklers cannot be located to cool cows when resting in stalls, they can do a great job at the feed bunk, holding areas, and return alleys. 

Keys to successful sprinkler systems include:

  • ample water supply, up to 50 gallons per cow per day
  • adequately sized pipe to deliver required water to sprinkler manifold pipes
  • low pressure within manifold pipes – about 20 psi
  • nozzles located so that cows’ backs and upper flanks are soaked to the skin in about two minutes of water application
  • fans located over feedbunk to remove cow-evaporated moisture from immediately around the hair surface for the balance of a 10 to 15 minute wetting cycle
  • an appropriate system controller with proper settings

Details on sprinkler cooling systems can be found on pages seven through nine of Application and Management of Dairy Cattle Heat Stress Relief Systems.

Additional resources include:

CCE Forage Exchange Site

Given the severe drought across much of NYS this year and the potential need for additional forage on dairy farms across the state, the online CCE Forage Exchange has been restarted.   Producers or growers with surplus forage or corn may use this site for free to list what they have for sale.  Interested buyers may use this site to find what they need and make arrangements directly with sellers.  The site URL is below along with a “how to post an ad video.”
Forage exchange
How to post an ad video

Landowner Considerations for Solar Land Leases

Solar_Land_Leases_Page_1 Solar_Land_Leases_Page_2<                

How to Test Your Soil Sample

From the April 2016 Ag Alert! Newsletter

  • New York Dairy Farmers: Pride & Progress is a series of six different videos on YouTube featuring dairy farms in our area that were willing to share their introduction into dairy farming as well as their passion working on the land.  Each is only a few minutes long and is very positive toward Dairy.
  • Towards a Successful Future for Farm Families recording is good management tune up for folks who are interested in making improvement in their farm business.
  • New Tool: Estimate Total Yield Profit Loss From Weeds an excellent tool that helps you become aware of the damages weeds can cause to your revenue in the existing year.
  • Pro-Dairy Thursday Webinars  The beginning of each week, topics to be discussed are announced.  On Thursdays, webinars take place and run for an hour after lunch between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. I was drawn to a topic on valuing agricultural land based upon the over the road distance from the major operation. There is also a Library of previous topics that one can view if you’ve missed any or are unable to join the webinar.

Bin Treatment for Small Grains

A 2015 list of stored grain insecticides registered for use in NY.   Thanks to Mike Helms for generating/updating this list! Hard to believe it’s been two years since we’ve looked at it. There were a few minor changes from 2013 – namely a name change to a couple of products. A few new ones were added based on some products discovered when checking the old list and running a very quick NPIC database scan. The list is not inclusive but should provide a good cross-section.

Orchard Management

The Small Farms Program of Cornell University is working on orchard management videos.  As they become available, we will make sure to post them here for your reference….

Cornell University’s Nutrient Management Spear Program

The vision of the Cornell University’s Nutrient Management Spear Program is to assess current knowledge, identify research and educational need….

Pesticide Management Education Program

PMEP promotes the safe use of pesticides for the applicator, the consumer, and the environment, and also serves as a pesticide information/education center for those interested in pesticide chemicals….

Pride of New York

Pride of New York is supported by a dynamic and extensive database of more than 5,000 farms and food businesses….

Groundswell Center For Local Food & Farming

The Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming is an agriculture education nonprofit based in Ithaca, NY, operating under the Center for Transformative Action and EcoVillage at Ithaca and serving the broader Finger Lakes area….

Rural Tax

This website provides farmers and ranchers, other agricultural producers and Extension educators with a source for agriculturally related income and self-employment tax information that is both current and easy to understand….

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets mission is to foster a competitive food and agriculture industry that benefits producers and consumers alike….


The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management….

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

SARE offers competitive grants to projects that explore and address key issues affecting the sustainability and future economic viability of agriculture….

North East Beginning Farmers

The Northeast Beginning Farmer Project is led by a team of educators who care deeply about supporting the success of new farmers….

Cornell Small Farms

Cornell University Small Farms mission is to foster the sustainability of diverse, thriving small farms that contribute to food security, healthy rural communities, and the environment….

Beef Farmer Information

Provides information and resources pertaining to Beef Cattle Management….


The mission of NY FarmNet is to provide New York farm families with free, confidential consulting services to develop skills to improve financial and production efficiency, and overcome business and family challenges….

Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail

The Sweet Treat Trail is all about the unique sweets and treats that Cayuga County has to offer….

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