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Cornell Cooperative Extension – Cayuga County

4-H Youth Fair Project Evaluation

The Monday before Youth Fair, projects will be evaluated at Ward O’Hara.  Please register up to 30 exhibits by June 30th, and sign up for a time slot to speak with judges about your work! We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. Select exhibits will be chosen to go to state fair, during the youth fair.

4-H Youth Fair

Youth Fair is once again being held at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum across from Emerson Park in Auburn NY. This 3 day event includes multiple opportunities for 4-Hers to present skills learned in the past year, both with animals, with learned skills, and leadership experience. Just a few examples include:

Monday, July 22nd:

    • 4-H Project Evaluation

Thursday, July 25th:

    • 4-H Dairy Cattle Showmanship & Breed Class
    • 4-H Dog Obedience Show

Friday, July 26th:

    • 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Show
    • 4-H Goat Show

Saturday, July 27th:

    • 4-H and Open Beef Show
    • Talent Show
    • 4-H Poultry Show

To learn more or to sign up for an opportunity volunteering, contact Theresa Spain:, or Vivian Chappell:

Hope to see you there!

4-H Dairy Cattle Showmanship and Breed Class

Calling all 4-H members showing dairy cattle this year! Today’s your day to exhibit the animals you have worked hard with all year long, and to qualify for showing at State Fair.

2019 4-H Youth Fair Dog Obedience Show

4-H youth who have participated in dog obedience courses with our instructors Jackie and Beth can sign up to compete at the Youth Fair 4-H dog obedience show! Just make sure you have your animal ID certificates in by June 1st, and current rabies vaccinations.

                 NEW this year! The dog show is now on a Thursday evening, to limit distractions to youth and animals.

4-H Youth Fair Rabbit and Cavy Show

Here’s to our rabbit and cavy raising 4-Hers! Today is your day to show what you know about your animals at the 4-H rabbit and cavy show. Our judge is excited to see what you’ve learned, and to help you continue to grow with your pets!

4-H Youth Fair Meat Goat Show

Get excited for this year’s 4-H meat goat show! Our judge is ready and excited to see what you know, and to help youth continue learning with their animals.

4-H Youth Fair Poultry Show

Birds of many types will come together at the fair this year to be judged. We can’t wait to see what ducks, turkeys, and chickens alike will come out for this event!