#4HGrowsHere Campaign

4-H empowers nearly six million young people (nationwide) to be true leaders.  True leaders have real confidence; know how to work with others; can endure through challenges; and will stick to a job until it gets done.  We believe true leaders aren’t born – they are GROWN.  The 4-H experience is proven to grow true leaders with life skills like confidence, teamwork, curiosity and resilience.

America needs more true leaders who are engaged and prepared to take on the critical challenges facing businesses, communities, families and kids today.  Sadly, too many of today’s youth are either not engaged to drive positive solutions for the critical challenges facing our nation or not prepared with the skills they need to lead in the most fundamental area of their lives today and their careers tomorrow.

In April 2016, 4-H launched Grow True Leaders, a campaign to empower youth with the opportunity to share their voice and show how their skills are making a difference in their communities.  This is where the Grow True Leaders Campaign – and you – come in.  In order to grow 4-H, and more true leaders, it’s critical that we bring more attention to the impact of our work and share the 4-H story in a unified, consistent and compelling way.

Set to run through the end of the calendar year, the Grow True Leaders Campaign will have focused activity and promotion at key times around three calls to action – SHOUT, SHARE and SUPPORT.

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Growing #TrueLeaders Nationwide

We are asking the public to join with 4-H to help more kids get the opportunities they deserve by publicly honoring youth who are making an impact (big or small) in their lives and the lives of others.  Remember to SHOUT out  to a local 4-H Youth today on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website using hashtag #TrueLeaders.  SHARE your 4-H story using the hashtag #4HGrown.  Don’t forget to SUPPORT your local 4-H with a $10 digital Clover (available Summer 2016).  Thanks everyone and remember 4-H Grows Here!

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