2020 4-H Virtual Fair

Hello 4-H Project Exhibitors and Families,

As you now, the Fair experience is going to be much different this year due to the cancellation of the 4-H Youth Fair due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The 4-H staff has been tirelessly working to create the best virtual experience for our members.  Below you will find show and entry information for this year’s Virtual 4-H Fair.  This information and all the links are also on our website.  Many logistics are still being worked out and you will be updated with new information through direct email notification.

Please carefully read through the schedule of events and submission deadlines provided below.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email Erin (emw54@cornell.edu).  The 4-H staff is still working from home currently.


General Animal Entry Information

Health papers and vaccinations: With the cancellation of the County Fair, health papers and vaccinations will not be required for 2020.  However, project animal forms must be submitted to the 4-H Office.

Showmanship Class: Showmanship is still required for 2020.  We have created “Virtual Showmanship Instructions” to help you. Please use this when planning and recording your video entry.

Large Animal Showmanship

Small Animal Showmanship

Breed Class: Please use the Virtual Video Entry Instructionsto assist you as you plan and submit your breed class videos.

Horse Class: There will be a limited number of horse classes offered this year.  The class list can be found in the Horse Classes and Video Entry Instructions.  Additional patterns and information will be emailed to registered exhibitors and posted on the CCE website here.


Animal Entry Submissions (EXCEPT HORSE—see below):


  1. All animal exhibitors must register online by July 12th, 2020.
  2. All videos must be uploaded to Box by July 26th, 2020.  Listed below are links to each Box Folder.

Horse Entry Submissions:


  1. All horse exhibitors must register online by July 12th, 2020
  2. Once you have registered, you will receive via email a pattern book.
  3. Upload final videos to Box by August 9th, 2020. Please find the link below to upload your videos.




Non-Animal Exhibit Entry Information

All youth are limited to 10 exhibits for the 2020 year.

Exhibitors will submit videos or pictures to the Box folder for evaluation.  Please see “Virtual Exhibit Instructions” for details on planning and recording your entry.

There will still items chosen as “Selected for State Fair”.  Youth may choose to exhibit selected items in the 2021 NYS State Fair.

Non-Animal Entry Submissions:


  1. All non-animal exhibitors must register online by July 12th, 2020.
  2. All videos must be uploaded to Box by July 26th, 2020.  Listed below are links to each Box Folder.



**Please refer to the 2020 Cayuga County Exhibitors Guide for rules and regulations**





2020 Virtual 4-H Youth Fair Schedule


July 12th           All registrations due (except Horse)

July 19th           Horse registrations due

July 26th           Deadline for videos/pictures to be uploaded to Box (except horse)

August 9th        Horse videos deadline


Results emailed to participants and released on Facebook

August 3rd         Goat, Swine & Sheep Shows

August 5th         Section C – Communications and Expressive Arts

August 7th         Rabbit & Cavi shows

August 10th       Section D – Consumer & Family Sciences

August 12th     Dairy Show

August 14th       Section E – Visual Arts/Photography

August 17th      Poultry Show

August 19th        Sections F, G & H – Horticulture. Environmental Education & Plant Pathology

August 21st       Horse Show

August 24th       Section J – Science, Engineering & Technology

August 26th      Costume Class – Videos/pictures posted on Facebook for judging.  The entry with the most likes will win a prize!

August 28th      Amazing Pet Challenge – 4-H members submit photos or videos of their pets showcasing tricks, talents, quirks and anything else that will make folks laugh.  The submissions will be posted on the Cayuga County CCE Facebook page and the one with the most likes wins a prize!


Video/Picture Entry Links for Box


Dairy: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/6d2029338d7945e1bbcdcce2e5217f62

Sheep: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/04d90ed2e0b84f0b82b850dc4e111389

Goat: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/ac1180f492a24d4f9927a23fddb13cfb

Swine: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/dc0ad389ddad4ca2adef99155e922303

Poultry: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/e147fbf3c0d74970b8627f5c86deb54e

Rabbit: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/7bfb780a15eb40e892bb01e3c076c664

Cavi: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/15604214b5a34615b3f3baa8b881b299

Horse: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/be409c7e46e9458ca93ec37ab6f4aeee

Pet Challenge: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/622c1c7152404d88ad7746f077c7ebb1

Costume Class: https://cornell.app.box.com/f/2b865b4b089443a7b7fb24f498cdb0c2


Section C – Communications & Expressive Arts


Section D – Consumer & Family Sciences


Section E – Visual Arts/Photography


Section F – Horticulture


Section G – Environmental Education


Section H – Plant Pathology


Section I – Entomology


Section J – Science, Engineering & Technology


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