Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

Our County program is under the assistance of the New York State Master Gardener Volunteer Program and we try to comply with their recommendations. In New York State the master gardener program is a volunteer service program not a course or certificate. The Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) programs are managed individually by county CCE associations. Our collective aim is to support the CCE’s educational mission through garden-based learning programs in our local communities. Through volunteer service CCE MGV work closely with their county program leader to support educational efforts including public gardening workshops and helping address citizens’ questions related to gardening management as well as helping community and school groups launch their own gardening programs. CCE MGV programs are focused on education and may maintain demonstration gardens as outdoor classrooms for their public workshops but maintaining gardens for outside organizations is not part of our educational outreach.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) programs select volunteers as needed through an application process from their pool of residents of that county. This happens at varying intervals depending on local county resources and needs. Check your local county office for current information. Core horticulture training is the first requirement of the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer commitment, followed by an agreement to volunteer with you CCE county program for one or more years for a specific number of hours. Once you stop volunteering you are no longer a CCE Master Gardener Volunteer as it is not a certificate, it is a volunteer job title.

This volunteer service is to assist home owners with pests associated with their plants, and is not intended to serve a commercial audience or diagnose health concerns related to humans, animals or structures.  Our focus is on education, and if services are requested of our volunteers, nominal fees may be essential to maintain this volunteer based program.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer for CCE Cayuga County please contact us or stop by our office at 248 Grant Avenue, Auburn, NY.

If you are looking for a horticulture course though not a volunteering opportunity, you might be interested in Cornell Horticulture distance learning courses. The content of our Organic Gardening course is very similar to the core training for the CCE MGV program.

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