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Tires are mosquito nurseries

Tire piles at the recycling event

Those old tires laying out in your back yard or that road side ditch are exactly what mama mosquito is looking for. Tires trap heat and water, which creates a perfect nursery habitat for baby mosquito larva. And even better? These small habitats don’t have any predators! It’s a mosquito’s dream.

Mosquitoes can carry disease like West Nile Virus or EEE. An increase in human contraction of West Nile was prominent in the news last year, and providing breeding habitat isn’t doing anything to help this problem. But you can do something about it on June 22nd.

Cayuga County’s annual tire recycling event is scheduled for Saturday June 22nd from 8:30-noon at the Natural Resource Building on 7413 County House Rd (next to the county jail). This is a great way to get rid of old tires.

During this limited time event, you can recycle your old tires for a discounted fee. Tires up to 30 inches tall (measure from where the tire hits the ground to the very top of the tire) are only $1 each to recycle! Normally these tires cost from $5-$10 to recycle, but the cost is reduced during this event. Tires from 31-36 inches tall are only $5 each to recycle.

We do ask that you DO NOT bring us tractor tires, we can not recycle them at this time, but please watch for more information on how to recycle these tires. We also ask that you don’t bring us very muddy tires or tires covered in manure. Our tire unloading crews are make up of volunteers and it’s hard to get a volunteer to return the next year if he or she spent an entire day unloading manure covered tires.

You do not need to register for the event, but there is a limit of 40 tires per household. Payment is accepted by cash or check and is due at the entrance. Please have an approximate tire count to better help our volunteers.

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