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Upcoming recycling events!

My office and car are getting a little cramped these days. My friends and family know that I help to coordinate the Cayuga County Electronic Recycling event every spring and fall, so sometimes they hand me used and broken electronics on my way out the door. When I visited my parents for Easter they loaded up the back of my car with three old printers! And my dad told me he was checking my battery, I should have known better.

Some of these unwanted electronics get unloaded in my office, and some just ride around in the back of my car until the day of the event. Then, the day of the event (in this case, May 18th) I bring my 2 or 3 car loads of electronics to the recycling crew from RCR&R and have them unload and pack everything up. It’s wonderful. And this event is totally free! Though we do accept donations, we love donations. Or hot coffee, we also love getting hot coffee. This is morphing into a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie type situation.

This is a really fantastic event. Just load your car with whatever electronics you need to get rid of, drive to the Cayuga Onondaga Boces (1879 West Genesee St Rd in Auburn, NY) on May 18th and our recycling crew will unload everything for you! It’s incredibly easy,and did I mention that it’s free? (except for voluntary donations of money or coffee).

We usually get calls before the event from people checking if we’ll accept their items. I tell everyone that if it’s powered by a plug or batteries we’ll probably take it. Some of the more unusual items we’ve gotten have been; a full sized video arcade game, vending machine, floor model copiers, brand new flat screen TVs that have been punched when the game didn’t end well, and an entire car load of florescent light bulbs. We do ask that you give us a call if you plan on bringing an extra large or unusual item, it helps our recycling crew to prepare to unload it.

So on May 18th from 9:00-2:00 I hope to see you at the Cayuga Onondaga Boces in Auburn with a carload of electronics.

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