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Workplace Issues Today: Mediation board to investigate Delta complaint

The National Mediation Board says that it will investigate the actions of Delta airlines during union elections for flight attendants. The Association of Flight Attendants filed complaints alleging that the company illegally interfered in the election. The AFA says that the investigation is a good thing for the flight attendants. Delta said that the investigation […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wal-Mart faces proposal to monitor working conditions

At Wal-Mart’s annual shareholder meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Friday, the New York City pension funds, a shareholder, will present a proposal asking the company to require suppliers to publish reports detailing the working conditions in their factories. The group said that they hope the proposal will help improve workplace health and safety, as well […]

Workplace Issues Today: Qantas pilots voting on strike actions

The Australian and International Pilots Association, which represents Qantas pilots says that it has begun polling members about industrial action. The ballot includes six or seven different actions, including strikes and work-to-contract orders. The dispute is over a clause the union wants written into the contract that would have Qantas flights staffed by Qantas pilots. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Workers killed in Foxconn factory explosion

Apple manufacturer Foxconn had an explosion at one of their Chinese factories. The explosion, whose cause has not been determined, killed at least two people and injured more. The company said that the explosion was an accident, and that it is being investigated. Foxconn also said that they had not determined the financial cost of […]

Workplace Issues Today: British public workers to vote on strikes

Members of the British Public and Commercial Services union will vote on striking over the next few weeks. 250,000 workers will vote whether to strike or not, and any strike action could possibly coincide with teachers, who are also beginning strike ballots next week. The government says that it has done everything it can to […]

Workplace Issues Today: White House says worker assistance program has to be part of free trade agreement

The White House says that it will hold up the passage of three free trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama if Congress does not agree to expand the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program. The TAA provides assistance to workers who are displaced, and the administration says that they believe they can work with Congress […]

Workplace Issues Today: Greek workers strike against austerity

In the second general strike called by Greece’s umbrella unions this year, workers have shut down the government. Teachers, hospital workers, transport workers and journalists all took part in the strike. The strike is over the austerity measures the Greek government has imposed to cut down debt. Workers say that the cuts have gone too […]

Workplace Issues Today: South African Wal-Mart hearings continue

The Competition Tribunal hearings over Wal-Mart in South Africa are continuing, with both sides attempting to convince the tribunal. Wal-Mart is seeking to buy South African retail chain Massmart, a move which unions and some government agencies are opposing. They argue that Wal-Mart’s business model hurts small businesses, depresses the local economy and that the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Dearborn teachers agree to innovative plan

The Dearborn Federation of Teachers has approved a new four-year contract. The contract includes pay cuts, as well as a new health care plan. The contract says that the school will cap its contribution to employee health care at $12,000 per employee, and that the union will purchase and manage the plan. The union will […]

Workplace Issues Today: Foxconn asked workers to sign non suicide pledges

An investigation by the Centre for Research on Multinational Companies and Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour found that workers in Foxconn factories in China were forced to sign ‘no suicide’ pledges after a string of suicides last year. The investigation found that workers were accused of committing suicide to secure large payments to family […]

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