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TWB*: Workplace Prof Blog

The Workplace Prof Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blog network, is an excellent resource for news and opinion on recent events that relate to labor and employment law. Recent posts range from updates on NLRB confirmation hearings to unions in the news to academic research articles published by a variety of labor and […]

Tuesdays with Blogs

Each Tuesday, we will bring you another blog that you might be interested in that relates to Human Resources, Labor, and/or Employment. As with all blogs, this is not considered an endorsement by Catherwood Library, merely a place to start looking for information, links and discussion of current topics related to industrial and labor relations.

EFCA Stalled by Healthcare?

CongressDaily has an interview with Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa in which he talks about the current status of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA): “We’re not doing anything right now…We’ve got the healthcare bill; we’ve got appropriations bills, and we’re lacking two senators that we need right now…Nothing is happening on that right now.” […]

More benefit losses: Free beer

As the economy has worsened there have been a number of stories about scaled back benefits. This one is a little different though. It’s not about healthcare, bonuses, and only slightly touches on pensions. Starting January 1st Molson employees will only be allowed to have 60 free beers per month rather than the 84 that they are […]

Blogs about Labor and HR

Want to follow breakings news and up-to-date information? Interested in others’ opinion and commentary on the news in HR and labor issues? Here are a few blogs covering topics of interest to these fields. Human Resources HRM Today: SHRM: (members) Employment Law Info Network: Labor Unions SEIU: AFL-CIO: Union Review: These […]

Rwanda: Links and references

Stuart Basefsky, Catherwood’s Senior Reference Librarian and director of the IWS News Bureau, has assembled a guide dedicated to the Republic of Rwanda, containing links and references about that nation for researchers associated with the ILR School. The guide connects users to resources on the nation’s general background, as well as statistical data and information […]

Unseenamerica New York State

If you’re studying, researching, or merely interested in working conditions in New York State, you may want to take the time to check out the images and video being created and made available at Unseenamerica New York State. Here’s the description of the project from its website: Unseenamerica New York State is an innovative arts […]

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