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Workplace Issues Today: Qantas pilots voting on strike actions

The Australian and International Pilots Association, which represents Qantas pilots says that it has begun polling members about industrial action. The ballot includes six or seven different actions, including strikes and work-to-contract orders. The dispute is over a clause the union wants written into the contract that would have Qantas flights staffed by Qantas pilots. The union says that they are willing to negotiate on everything else in order to get that clause. The company says that the clause would give the union too much power and would lead to pay increases for other pilots.The union says that the vote may take up to four weeks, and that they are confident that the 1700 pilots will support the actions.

See “Qantas pilots’ union confident of numbers to carry strike ballot-,” by Steve Creedy, The Australian, May 25 2011 (SD)

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