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Workplace Issues Today: South African Wal-Mart hearings continue

The Competition Tribunal hearings over Wal-Mart in South Africa are continuing, with both sides attempting to convince the tribunal. Wal-Mart is seeking to buy South African retail chain Massmart, a move which unions and some government agencies are opposing. They argue that Wal-Mart’s business model hurts small businesses, depresses the local economy and that the company has an anti-union strategy. The opponents of the buyout point to countries like Norway, Sweden and Holland, who dis-invested from Wal-Mart because of the possibility of human rights violations. Massmart and Wal-Mart say that the deal will be good for small businesses, will create jobs and will introduce competition into South Africa. Hearings will continue to May 13, and on May 16 the tribunal will hear legal arguments.

See “CEO’s payout just another brick in the Walmart deal,” by Lloyd Gedye, Mail & Guardian, May 09 2011 (SD)

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