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Workplace Issues Today: Los Angeles workers accept deal

15 of 19 bargaining units in Los Angeles accepted a deal that will raise health care and pension costs, but also wages for workers. The deal, which the Mayor says will save around $200 million over the next several years, also includes a no furlough clause for the duration of the agreement, which runs through […]

Workplace Issues Today: Brown bargains contracts, faces critics

After California Governor Jerry Brown failed to meet targets he had outlined for savings in union contracts, critics are saying that he let the unions take advantage. the Governor says that he did the best he could, and that he never intended to reach the figures outlined in the budget. Brown had predicted that he […]

Workplace Issues Today: United Farm Workers backs California card-check bill

The United Farm Workers is backing a California bill that would provide for card-check elections, where if a majority of workers signed and turned in cards stating that they wanted the union, there would not be a secret ballot election. The union says that in addition to high turnover and changes in who farm workers […]

Workplace Issues Today: Italian union files charges against Fiat

Italian metalworkers union Fiom has filed a complaint against car manufacturer Fiat, accusing the company of violating Italian and European Union rules to impose new working conditions at its Italian plants. Fiom and Fiat have been clashing since last year, when the car maker said that it needed to make changes to working conditions at […]

The minimum wage and labor market outcomes (Book of the Month)

The minimum wage and labor market outcomes by Christopher J. Flinn is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. In The Minimum Wage and Labor Market Outcomes, Christopher Flinn argues that in assessing the effects of the minimum wage (in the United States and elsewhere), a behavioral framework is invaluable for guiding empirical work and the interpretation […]

Workplace Issues Today: Swaziland teachers subdued by police

On Wednesday, police in Swaziland fired tear gas and water cannons at teachers planning to march on the country’s capital. The protests are being led by teachers and other public servants, many of whom are angry at the government’s plan to freeze salaries and sell government owned companies. Police have beaten and arrested protesters, and […]

Workplace Issues Today: Chicago workers rally on Saturday

Thousands of workers gathered in Chicago on Saturday to show support for workers in Wisconsin and other sates around the country. The rally goers tied their event to the April 4th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr., and to other events around the country by chanting ‘we are one’. The rally was part of a […]

Workpace Issues Today:Government shutdown would effect 800,000 workers

Government officials say that a shutdown would furlough around 800,000 government workers. The shutdown would effect operations in the District of Columbia, where trash collection and other services would be suspended. The shutdown would also affect agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, which would cease inspections, causing delays in large-scale projects. Other agencies would stop […]

Workplace Issues Today: Michigan teachers face large cuts

The Michigan Education Association began polling its members last month about possible responses to the cuts Governor Rick Snyder is proposing for education. In order to close a $1.8 billion deficit, the Governor has proposed a 4% cut to education funding,, as well as cutting pay for public workers and eliminating a tax credit for […]

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