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Workplace Issues Today: Push to change rule regarding rail, airline elections

A Republican proposal to the House of Representative’s Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill would change back a rule that was implemented by the National Mediation Board last year. The rule concerns elections for airline and rail employees. The rules currently say that if a majority of those voting vote for the union, the union wins. […]

Workplace Issues Today: British protest draws over 250,000

Somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 people attended an anti-austerity march in London on Saturday. The march was organized by the Trades Union Congress, a British labor federation. The organizers said that the march was a way for people to show the government how they felt about the proposed cuts to the budget. The government said […]

Workplace Issues Today: Supreme Court rules oral complaints protected

The Supreme Court has decided a case regarding wage violation complaints. The court ruled that employees who make written or oral complaints about wage violations are protected from retaliation. The issue in the case was whether a complaint had to be written. The justices found in favor of an employee who complained to his supervisor […]

Workplace Issues Today: NFL and players continue legal battle

The National Football League’s owners and former players’ union are undergoing a National Labor Relations Board process to ascertain whether the players’ union was bargaining in good faith. The former head of the players’ union says that they were, but it does not matter because the union has decertified and is no longer a union. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Postal workers reach agreement

The United States Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union announced that they have reached a contract agreement. The contract would last for four years and includes a 3.5% pay increase over the duration of the contract. The agreement would cover around 205,000 workers. The Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin bill becomes law, tens of thousands protest

After the Governor of Wisconsin signed a bill that will restrict collective bargaining rights for most public workers, around 100,000 people protested in Madison against the bill. The Democratic Senators who had fled in an attempt to stop the bill said that they were glad to be home, and that they would keep fighting for […]

Workplace Issues Today: Hilton workers reach agreement in San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu

Unite Here announced an agreement on Monday that will settle 18 months of negotiations at the Hilton hotel in San Francisco. The union represents around 850 workers in San Francisco. The contract will cover four years and is retroactive to August 2009. The main issue in the negotiations concerned health care, and the deal will […]

Workplace Issues Today: Ohio bill could pass as early as today

In Ohio, the senate labor committee is expected to vote on a bill Wednesday that would cut collective bargaining rights of public sector workers and end their right to strike. The supporters of the bill say that it is necessary to give local government flexibility when dealing with their budgets, and that the cuts are […]

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