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Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin Governor gives Senators ultimatum

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told the 14 Democratic Senators who have left the state that if they did not return in the next twenty-four hours, the state would be unable to refinance its debt. The Senators left the state to prevent a vote on a measure that would eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public […]

Workplace Issues Today: Protests continue in Wisconsin as Walker refuses to compromise

The Wisconsin Assembly held an all night session to hear some of the proposed amendments to the bill that would slash collective bargaining rights. At 5:30 am, only 7 amendments had been considered, and all were rejected. The Democrats plan to bring over 2000 amendments to the table, in an effort to slow the vote […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin protests continue

Wisconsin union leaders called for teachers to return to work on Monday, but other workers say that they will stay put. The protests over Governor Scott walker’s bill continued all weekend, and many are hoping to see some movement from Republican Senators. The Republican leadership said that any hopes for movement were unfounded, and that […]

Curtis Lyons Named Director of the Catherwood, Hospitality and Management Libraries; Angela Horne Named Associate Director

ITHACA, N.Y. (Feb. 8, 2011) – Cornell University Library is pleased to announce that Curtis Lyons has been named the Harriet Morel Oxman Director of the Catherwood, Hospitality and Management Libraries. For the past six months, Lyons served as the interim director of the Catherwood Library and has helped lead consolidation efforts across the three […]

AFSCME’s Philadelphia story : municipal workers and urban power in the twentieth century (Book of the Month)

AFSCME’s Philadelphia story : municipal workers and urban power in the twentieth century by Francis Ryan is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. Beginning in the 1920s and ending in the 2000s, AFSCME’s Philadelphia Story provides a comprehensive account of the development of what is today the largest and most powerful union in the AFL-CIO, the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin workers say no to governor’s proposal

In response to a proposal from the Governor, Wisconsin public workers and supporters are going to the capital to lobby against it. The proposal would require workers to pay much more of health care and pension costs, and would limit collective bargaining rights to wages. Wage raises would also be restricted to the consumer price […]

Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin Governor proposes eliminating collective bargaining rights

Wisconsin unions are working to stop a proposal from Governor Scott Walker that would end collective bargaining rights for all public employees except police, firefighters and the state patrol. Wages could be bargained only to a point, and workers would pay half of their pensions and more than 12% of health care premiums. The plan […]

Workplace Issues Today: California unions criticize labor coalition’s tactics

Three California unions that represent carpenters, laborers and operating engineers are accusing California Unions for Reliable Energy (CURE) of using environmental complaints to win building contracts. The unions say that CURE files complaints about environmental issues on projects, and then drops the complaints when its ally, the State Building & Construction Trades Council of California […]

Workplace Issues Today: Argentine unions to suspend grain strike

Union leaders say that Argentine workers will comply with the government’s order to call off a wage strike that has disrupted exports and grain crushing for a week. The government ordered the unions to suspend the strike for fifteen days, a period during which they will negotiate with the companies. The order will take effect […]

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