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Workplace Issues Today: Wisconsin Governor looks to limit union rights

Wisconsin unions are waiting the Governor’s State of the State speech on Tuesday, in which he is expected to attack them. The governor has already called for the unions to give steep concessions, and has publicly talked about making Wisconsin a right-to-work state. To do so, the legislature would have to repeal laws from the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Spanish government, unions reach agreement on pensions

On Thursday, the Spanish government and the main labor unions reached an agreement that will raise the retirement age to 67. The reform is part of Spanish plans to reduce pension costs and strengthen the economy. Workers who have paid into the pension system for over 38 years will be able to retire at 65. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Postal Service looks to close 2,000 post offices

As the United States Postal Service seeks to reduce costs, they are planning to close more than 2,000 small post offices across the country. The Postal Service had already announced the closings of 491 post offices at the end of the year. The Postal Service also said that it is reviewing another 16,000 unprofitable post […]

Workplace Issues Today: Fiat faces holdout from lone union

The head of Fiom, the only Italian union that has yet to sign a deal with Fiat, is calling for a strike on January 28. The union will strike against the deals made between Fiat and the other unions that increase shifts, limit rights to strike and cut benefits. The deals were made in exchange […]

Handbook of workplace assessment : evidence-based practices for selecting and developing organizational talent (Book of the Month)

Handbook of workplace assessment : evidence-based practices for selecting and developing organizational talent by John C. Scott, Douglas H. Reynolds (editors) is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. [from the inside flap] Given the trend for organizations to streamline their workforces and focus on acquiring and retaining only top talent, a key challenge has been how […]

Workplace Issues Today: Washington Governor proposes changes to workers’ compensation, benefits

Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire has proposed changes to the state’s worker compensation and unemployment laws in an effort to help businesses and workers during the financial downturn. The proposal would lower unemployment taxes for most Washington businesses. She also proposed temporarily changing the state training benefit laws to qualify for $98 million in federal […]

Workplace Issues Today: Cuomo seeks wage freeze for workers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to seek a one year pay freeze for state workers on Wednesday during his sate of the state address. Cuomo promised to seek financial concessions from the state’s unions during his campaign, and officials say he intends to keep those promises. The pay freeze would save somewhere between […]

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