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Workplace Issues Today: London Underground workers to strike on Boxing Day

Workers on the London Underground voted to strike on the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day. The union and the Underground were in talks over pay and working conditions, including the union’s demand that the workers be paid higher wages for working on Boxing Day, a national holiday. The Underground says it will not pay […]

Workplace Issues Today: 9/11 health care bill gets second chance

New York Senators Schumer and Gillibrand say that they will make changes to a bill that would provide health care for 9/11 first responders. The bill was blocked by Republicans a few weeks ago. The senators say that they will reduce the cost of the bill to $6.2 billion and attempt to find more ways […]

Workplace Issues Today: Greek workers protest, some turn violent

In a general strike that has shut down schools, grounded planes and disrupted transportation, interactions between Greek protesters and police grew violent. Protesters threw gas bombs, started fires, with the police responding with tear gas. Police estimated around 15,000 people were taking part in protests in Athens. This is the seventh general strike this year. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Bangladeshi garment workers protest

After four protesters were killed by police in Bangladesh, garment workers across the country are protesting. The protests are over garment manufacturer’s not paying workers the new minimum wage of $43 a month, which was supposed to go into effect in December. the plan was approved in July by the government and manufacturing companies. At […]

The diffusion of social movements : actors, mechanisms, and political effects (Book of the Month)

The diffusion of social movements : actors, mechanisms, and political effects edited by Rebecca Kolins Givan, Kenneth M. Roberts, and Sarah A. Soule is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. [from publisher web site] It is widely recognized that social movements may spread – or ‘diffuse’ – from one site to another. Such diffusion, however, is […]

Workplace Issues Today: Delta workers reject another unionization bid

Delta ticket and gate agents rejected representation by the International Association of Machinists in the ninth vote on union representation since the Delta-Northwest merger. The vote was 3,638 to 8,746. Delta says that this another show of the fact that their employees are happy the way things are. The Machinists say that they will present […]

Workplace Issues Today: Supreme Court will decide future of Wal-Mart class action

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether Wal-Mart can face a huge bias lawsuit. The Court will review a decision that allows one suit to cover the claims of all of the women who have worked at Wal-Mart since 2001. If the court allows it to proceed, the lawsuit would be the largest employment […]

Workplace Issues Today: L.A. lays off school employees

Over a 1000 L.A. school district employees will be laid off on Wednesday, with thousands more being reassigned. 1,600 of those being reassigned will be working fewer hours or making less money than their previous position. No teachers were laid off in this round of cuts, with those who run offices, libraries and do maintenance […]

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