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Workplace Issues Today: Hawaiian Hilton workers protest

Workers at a Hilton hotel in Hawaii demonstrated in and around the hotel on Tuesday in an effort to pressure the hotel into negotiating a better contract. Estimates for the demonstration ranged from 400 to 2,000 people, with workers being joined by attendees of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans conference. The organizers of the conference considered canceling the conference because of the labor dispute, but were able to reach an agreement through the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, who have threatened to pull out over $100 million from the Blackstone group. The union says that they will continue their efforts for a contract after talks on Thursday and Friday did not result in a an agreement. the union is asking for better wage and benefit offers and more job security. Hilton says that they have offered wage and benefit increases, and says that strikes are not the way to reach an agreement. The union says that they just want a fair contract.

See “Hilton workers take a stand,” by Allison Schaefers, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Nov 17 2010 (SD)

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