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Workplace Issues Today: Teamsters organize marijuana workers

The Teamsters have organized workers at a California company that grows medical marijuana. The workers are gardeners, trimmers and cloners. They have a 2-year contract with the company that gives them a pension, vacation and health care, as well as a pay increase. Workers say that there was no conflict between the management and the workers over organizing. The company is one of many that is vying for a license to grow marijuana in the city of Oakland. An official for the city said that unionization is not a requirement, but labor practices will be taken into consideration when they give out the licenses. The United Food and Commercial Workers organized around 100 dispensary workers in May. While some are questioning the legality of the growers’ profession, the Teamsters say that they would not organize an illegal business.

See “Medical marijuana growers join Teamsters union,” by Marcus Wohlsen, Business Week, Sep 20 2010 (SD)

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