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Workplace Issues Today: Europe hit by mass protests

Mass protest are taking place across Europe, in Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latvia. A general strike in Spain has shut down most transportation, as well as some shops and banks. In Brussels, protesters are marching outside the European Union buildings, which have been sealed by the police. In Ireland, a protester drove a […]

Labor Research Review now available in DigitalCommons@ILR

As reported in Cornell’s Essentials blog and the ILR News Center, all 24 issues of the Labor Research Review are now available, full-text searchable and free through DigitalCommons@ILR. Published by the Midwest Center for Labor Research from 1982 to 1996, LRR chronicled a significant era in the history of labor relations in the United States. […]

Workplace Issues Today: Los Angeles County refuses to release employee salary data until October

A request from the Los Angeles Times for the salary data of several hundred L.A. County employees will take until October, according to the county’s lawyer. After a scandal in California over the amount of money town officials were making, the Los Angeles Times filed a request for the identities and salaries of county employees […]

Workplace Issues Today: SEIU signs on the Proposition 19

The California state council of the Service Employees International Union announced their support for Proposition 19, a November ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana. With 700,000 members in the state, supporters of the initiative hope that the SEIU’s support will bring needed attention and support to the measure. While opponents say that they think the […]

Workplace Issues Today: Teamsters organize marijuana workers

The Teamsters have organized workers at a California company that grows medical marijuana. The workers are gardeners, trimmers and cloners. They have a 2-year contract with the company that gives them a pension, vacation and health care, as well as a pay increase. Workers say that there was no conflict between the management and the […]

Workplace Issues Today: NJ Gov. announces plans to cut workers’ benefits

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced plans to cut public workers’ wages, pension benefits and health care. The plan would take away a 9% wage increase from 2001, which would affect around 780,000 workers. The plan would also require workers to pay 30% of health care costs and higher co-pays; at the moment workers pay […]

Workplace Issues Today: Older workers feel pain of raising Social Security

In the midst of debate over raising the age at which workers are eligible for Social Security, new reports are drawing attention to older workers who are doing physically demanding jobs. An analysis found that 1 in 3 workers over 58 does a job that is physically demanding, and that overall 45% of older workers […]

Workplace Issues Today: USW files case against Chinese exports

The United Steelworkers Union will file a legal case with the government today, alleging that China has broken World Trade Organization rules, and has subsidized exports of clean energy equipment. The union says that the Chinese government has used land grants, loans and other measures to violate the rules, and that those violations have helped […]

Workplace Issues Today:

Three months after beginning a strike against a Mott’s plant in Williamson, N.Y., workers say that they will not give up. The strike is over the company’s plan to cut workers’ wages by $1.50 an hour, in an effort to bring the company’s average closer to the area average. The company says that their workers […]

Power in coalition (Book of the Month)

Power in coalition: strategies for strong unions and social change by Amanda Tattersall is Catherwood’s Book of the Month. The labor movement sees coalitions as a key tool for union revitalization and social change, but there is little analysis of what makes them successful or the factors that make them fail. Amanda Tattersall—an organizer and […]

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