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Workplace Issues Today: San Jose firefighters still fighting the city

Questions about the effect of layoffs on the performance of San Jose firefighters are ratcheting up an already tense subject. Firefighters say that the cities’ layoffs may have caused them to reach a fire later than their intended goal. The City says that the firefighters had the chance to restore the jobs if they took a 8.91% pay cut. The firefighters voted on the offer, with 88% saying no to the pay cut. The city says that everyone has had to sacrifice, and that they are sad that the firefighters will not do the same. Firefighters say that they offered to take the same pay cuts of 3.82% as police officers, as well as reduce pensions for new hires, but the city says that the firefighters needed to cut more. The firefighters have been working without a contract for a year, and will return to arbitration this November.

See “San Jose firefighters shoot down city’s request for pay cuts,” by John Woolfolk, San Jose Mercury News, Aug 30 2010 (SD)

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